I’m always on the look out for inspiration which take everyday objects and turn it into something beautiful. This tape installation created by artist for Rebecca Ward for the Kate Spade in Japan is probably one of the coolest and most innovative works of art I’ve seen in a long time. I know an installation of this proportion is not very realistic for a wedding, but I love the idea of taking an everyday object like tape and making it into something beautiful. The possibilities are really limitless and it goes to show you might just have everything you need for a fun project for your wedding right at home. I especially adore the invitation they sent out to guests…

bow tape

tape installation1

kate spade tape invite

tape installation

tape wedding invite

kate spade tape installation

wedding tape ideas

tape installation3

Photography via Kate Spade

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Maria | Reply

Wow! You could really do so much with this idea. I can’t believe that is tape!!!

P | Reply

this is fantastic

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

So unique and cool! who knew tape would be so fashionable!

caroline | Reply

crikey. that is cool.

amber | Reply

This is wonderful, who knew you could do such great things with tape!

Bailey@peppermintbliss | Reply

I mean that is seriously amazing

cevd | Reply

dear kate spade and everyone that works for you – i am in love. time after time you kill me with your wit and creativity. love.

summer | Reply

absolutely stunning. thanks for such a wonderful idea. :)

The Art Cupboard | Reply

this is fantastic
so much work! they really turned tape into fine art, love it

Mary & Gabrielle Events and Design | Reply

I love the stationery! so simple.



Cindy | Reply

Wow, it’s amazing how much tape they used to decorate the space! It must’ve taken an eternity to align everything so evenly. So creative and fun!

Photo Slideshow | Reply

Wow! That is some amazing work with tape. It’s always great to see other creative types coming up with new ideas.