I’m in the process of transfering all the content from this site to the new site in preparation for our April 20th launch(almost here!) and came across one of the first real weddings I ever posted on Once Wed. It will always be one of my favorites….

[Images c/o Jillian Kay]

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Camille | Reply

Not many people can pull of red, but she wears it beautifully.

Becca | Reply

I like her hairpiece. Its so bold and so many people are afraid to be bold on their wedding day.

Melody | Reply

Those are sweet table numbers. I guess they are just made out of paper, right?

Jenny | Reply

Wow, the details from this wedding are beautiful!

Katie | Reply

I ran across your blog last week (I can’t even remember how now, something to do with typesetting?) and started following. Much to my surprise and delight I opened this entry to find my sister’s photography! As you know she is in California, but I am in Texas and it was so nice that you made our distance seem so tiny this morning. Thanks!!

jenzen | Reply

Sarai is the first gal that got me hooked on wedding porn via this site. She MADE that dress.

Rebecca | Reply

yay for the launch! can’t wait!

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