I am so excited about today’s real wedding feature of John and Megan’s recent wedding in the country photographed by the talented, Millie Holloman. All the vintage touches and familiar details throughout really make this wedding standout as something special and heartfelt in my opinion. Not only did Megan surprise everyone by wearing her mother’s wedding dress to the
ceremony, but they also used the same caketopper John’s parents used in their
wedding over 30 years ago in honor of both sets of parents. And don’t even get me started on that incredible baby blue bell sleeve dress Megan wore to say their goodbyes in their vintage mustang get-away car…


To see more details from this sweet wedding, check out Millie’s blog!

[Images c/o Millie Holloman]


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chelsea | Reply

emily- you always find the best weddings! oooh i just love this. those black and white photos are so very sweet.

DP | Reply

That blue dress is amazing. I want one…

Molly | Reply

what a funky and awesome wedding. please post more.

Kate | Reply

So small-town, and a little retro. I love the pom-poms instead of birdseed. :)

Melissa | Reply

I love this wedding! I agree too that you always find the best weddings :)

Rebecca | Reply

The couple entering the chapel–now that is a classic photo! Love those pom-pons too!

holly hatam | Reply

This wedding is great eye candy!

Sarah | Reply

STUNNING. I love the comfortable yet super stylish feel of this wedding.

Kirstie Warren | Reply

Does anyone know where I can get the fabulous modern colors of pom poms she used?

cassie | Reply

I love the wreaths you choose in the chapel! Where did you get them? I am looking for some.