Sunprint Inspiration Place Card

I was so inspired by these brilliant place cards by neither snow and this beautiful print by Rinne Allen that I wanted to try it on a cake….

Sunprint Cake

(its not a real sunprint…yes, that would be poisonous…just cobalt airbrushed on fondant over foliage)


Comments (25)

HiLLjO | Reply

Freakin awesome. WOW. I really love this!!!

The Frosted Petticoat | Reply

What a brilliant idea! You’re an amazing cake artist!!!

Michelle | Reply

Gorgeous, I love deep cobalt.

Sarah | Reply

That’s stunning! And…fairly straightforward, I bet? Seems so do-able, since perfection isn’t the goal.

Charlene @ Sweetchic | Reply

Oh my gosh, so simple and striking!!

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer | Reply

What a neat idea – very pretty!

Love the blue, I bet it’d be really pretty in rich, warm colors toooo. *drool*

Sarah Winward | Reply

This is brilliant! I love everything sunprint, but never really thought you could translate the concept to food.

Such a nice way to have such a bright, unnatural color feel more natural and edible.

Alexis L. | Reply

That’s the neatest looking cake I have ever seen! So creative and beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Sage Parker | Reply

love love love the blue!!!

Amanda | Reply

Wow love this, ladies! What a fantastic cobalt color.

Ez | Reply

Okay…this is one seriously gorgeous cake! I just can’t get over it! Brilliant idea and wonderful execution! Love it! xo Ez

Prudence @ Flotsam Friends | Reply

It’s the most beautiful cake I’ve seen in my life. So incredibly special. Pruxxx

Prudence @ Flotsam Friends | Reply

P.S. Love your inspiration!!

Rachel Hagen | Reply

Wow, this is STUNNING! Just beautiful…

Allie Peach | Reply

Those Flowers remind me of Rachel Ruysch’s paintings!

Sarah (A Paper Proposal) | Reply

Wow, soooo pretty! You’re so creative! I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay | Reply

This is really beautiful. A perfect cake for a pair of photographers.

rikrak | Reply

oh good heavens! this is so brilliant! what gorgeous work you do, nicey!

Michael and Anna Costa | Reply

Such a fairytale inspiration!

Brooke | Reply

This is seriously one of the most stunning cakes I have EVER seen. Beautiful.

Jenn | Reply

That is one of the most awesome ideas I’ve ever seen. I love it!

Barbara | Reply

Beautiful! But what do you mean by “…just cobalt airbrushed on…”? The element cobalt is extremely toxic, so I’m guessing you mean a ‘cobalt blue color’? Made from/using a particular food coloring, or ? (yes, I’m still learning in this area — much to learn, obviously!) Any info appreciated as I would like to try this, on a small scale at least, for a dear friend. Thanks!

Renee | Reply

Wow, so unique! How did you do the foliage effects? The gradations are lovely.

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