Silver Wedding Dress

I for the life of me can’t remember where I saw this dress first, but I can’t get it out of my mind. The silhouette, color, material…everything about it just screams perfection to me. You can find it at Vintage Textile. If you’re looking for a vintage dress or capelet, I would definitely check the site out. They have some gorgeous pieces!

Update: It was from a Little Winter Bride, of course!


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Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

This is great! Not everyone wants to wear an ivory gown and this dress is beautiful!

Debra | Reply

I’ve had my eye one this dress since they first put it on the Vintage Textile site. I love, love, love it! And it’s everything that I think would be beautiful in a wedding dress.

Muysers | Reply

I wish I would get married, if ony to wear this beautiful gown!

didi | Reply

I’m so in love with silver lace, i believe it’s the new lace for bridal style, esp. winter brides : ) I posted about this dress a while back. Love it. : )

Anna | Reply

Oh WOW! This is great!

TheBigDay | Reply

This dress is STUNNING!

bianca | Reply

that really is a special dress. gorgeous.

chicadelamaleta | Reply

This is exactly what I would have liked for my wedding! (although ideally in a pearl gray).. absolutely stunning.

.nevara | Reply

This dress is very special, my dream is spend my wedding day in not white dress. This colour is gorgeous!

Audrey | Reply

Oh. my. GOSH. Reminds me very much of 1920s fashion. Found a guy I wrote about in a blog entry here:

love love love.

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