sarah magid

Sarah Magid is definitely one of my favorite bakers out there when it comes to
wedding cakes. I love how she tries to use all organic ingredients in all her tasty treats and never comprimises design for taste. I’m not a
big fan of really over the top/fancy cakes, so the fact that her cakes
look homemade makes me love them that much more. Her new book below
comes out below in June and I can’t wait to buy up a copy for myself.



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Danielle | Reply

I concur. Over the top cakes are the worst. I would rather have something like this any day of the week.

Tessa | Reply

Ive been looking for a cake exactly like the one above for my own wedding. Thanks for sharing.

Amy | Reply

That is a gorgeous cake.

Elissa9 | Reply

She is definitely making my cake when I get married. Delicous!

chelsea | Reply

I love her! I didn’t know her website was updated. Thanks!

Melody: Sweet & Saucy Shop | Reply

I love these cakes! Can’t wait to get the book!

Shilo | Reply

funny… have the top picture in my wedding plannr…cut it out frm a mgazine…gorgeous and it looks kinda yumm too!

Candice Dowling | Reply

Those cakes are gorgeous. Love how they are photographed too. I hate "perfect" wedding cakes. These are just fabulous!!

joy thigpen | Reply

i LOVE these cakes!!! and you’re right, candice…they’re so unpretentious. they’re lighthearted and happy and the colors and designs are are so fresh…love it!