Romantic Wedding Dresses

How beautiful are these dresses from Samuelle Couture’s new line? The silhouettes and hand painted silk chiffon make each dress so dreamy!


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esb | Reply

the link is broken. (and i HAD TO go over there, obvs.)

Tiffanyt | Reply

Love this chiffon material


Teresa | Reply

oh so pretty. I adore the colour.

Lori | Reply

Is it sad that I recognized one of the brides from their “brides” section from the Mr. Boddinton’s blog as well? See more photos of the couple (in her fabulous Samuelle dress!) here

Steven Conway | Reply

everything about this is superb! The model, the dress, the lighting, the images… all great!

Net | Reply

I love, love, love these dresses. the color is amazing.

Gwen @ La Bottine Couture | Reply

Seriously? Amazing! Ghostly, feminine, mysterious, feminine, flowy, pretty! Did I say feminine?!

Flower Girl Basket | Reply

Now that’s what I call a wedding gown ! Kudos to the desinger of this one !

Gaelan @ Sash and Satin | Reply

Oh wow! These are the most gorgeous and etherial gowns I have ever seen.

georgiana | Reply

I was wondering how much for a gown like this?

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