I have to say my two favorite trends this year for weddings gowns are short & sweet and preppy classic. Maybe its my southern roots, but the popped collar wedding dress is sensational.

{Photos c/o Martha Stewart Weddings}


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Lisa | Reply

I have searched and searched for the designer of the dress on the far right, with the shirt collar. I even looked on the Martha Stewart website….. help!!! This is the dress for me.



Once Wed | Reply

Hey Lisa! The dress is by the Vineyard Collection and runs around 2k. Hope this helps!! That dress is fabulous…

Hope | Reply

Love the shirtdress! I’ve always thought this was a classy style. I particularly remember liking the Carolina Herrera pink pinstriped shirtdress a couple years ago, despite the fact that I don’t usually like pink and think it often borders on cliché.


I’m interested to know who made the dresses in the picture on the left, particularly the one the model is wearing… Thanks!

Diedra | Reply

the dress on the far right is gorgeously simple and I’ve placed my order for my August 09 wedding already!

Rachel | Reply

I’ve been looking through tons of gowns for a short dress with a certain ‘attitude’. I love love love these short dresses on the left, particularly the ones on hangers. Any chance that you know where they came from?? Thanks!

Talley Sue Hohlfeld | Reply

Those pics are from the Spring 2008 issue; according to the caption, the short dresses are (from left): Elizabeth Fillmore’s "Darling," Luisa Beccaria (#4490-730-20), and Platinum for Priscilla of Boston (PL218).

Jessica | Reply

I have searched for about a week for the wedding dress on the far right with the collar! Could you please tell me where I can purchase it?? I am begging that is the dress I want!