Pink Rings

I know some of your hearts are fluttering about that pink ring on this week’s inspiration board so I tried to do a little digging for you. There doesn’t seem to be a plethora of these rings floating around online but here are two I did find. The one on the left is a pretty extreme example of pink tourmaline (this one is a cat’s eye) and the other main option for stones this color seems to be rose quartz like the ring on the right. Does anyone else know more about pink stones or have any great resources they’d like to share?


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miffy57 | Reply

what about kunzite? this is a brooch but it’s still pretty frickin awesome. kunzite is named after one of tiffany’s designers, Kunz, or something like that…


Jess | Reply

The pink ring featured in this blog post (http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/2011/01/12/elegant-pink-golf-club-wedding/) is from Holtzmann’s in Chicago and I want it so bad!

Marija | Reply

How adorable!! Oh, so pretty!!!

Rachele Bogal | Reply

I love pink stones! Cocktail and engagement rings with colored stones and diamonds are coming back into the lime light and are a big trend for 2011! Think pink diamond; think sophisticated for the pink diva however it does comes with a price tag. My suggestion is if you do go with a pink stone, go with a vintage style setting like these verses a more traditional setting. The setting will add some more Bling. Make sure not to over power the pink stone with a setting, because the pink stone will do all the work and provide you with many compliments!

Jess | Reply

Also, David Yurman carries some beautiful pieces – my engagement ring is based off one of his designs.

Here’s a few morganite rings:

Chantelle | Reply

I have a pink morganite for my engagement ring.

molly | Reply

my engagement ring is a gorgeous pink saphire set in rosegold and surrounded by pave diamonds. the pink saphire is a rich, deep pink. i absolutely love it.

Melanie | Reply

So beautiful … i want it

Sarah | Reply

My engagement ring is very similar to Molly–I have a “peach” sapphire in rose gold, with pave diamonds (around the sapphire and on the band). My sapphire is a very faint pink, but oh so gorgeous. For those of you unaware, sapphires are one level below diamonds as far as hardness but are MORE RARE. Morganite is also a stellar stone, with some very pleasant hues.

Sarah | Reply

Oh, and here’s a jeweler from etsy who makes some beautiful stuff:


Ally | Reply

Vera Wang used to make a pink morganite candy ring. It made me want to die and it was definitely my dream engagement ring~ and not too crazy at around $8000.

Charlene @ Sweetchic | Reply

I am drooling over both of those rings!! I want!

Rose | Reply

Argyle Pink Diamonds from Australia are rare and beautiful. From this mine you can get pink or champagne colored diamonds. The only retailer in the USA though is Harry Winston in NY.

Hanna | Reply

In Sweden pink saphires became really popular last year. One of the most fun eternity rings would be this one: http://sandbergsweden.se/product_families.php?F=52&S=2&PROD=51&PN=1

They also have a lot of other fun jewellry. Both my e-ring and weddingband are from them.

Molly | Reply

If you’re going to get a pink engagement ring, go for a pink diamond or sapphire. You will most likely have to replace another stone a few times. Kunzite often loses its color in the sun. Morganite, although it has a high hardness factor, is brittle and can break easily. Sapphires and diamonds will last you much longer – they are the most stable. Rings with sapphires and diamonds are also easier to fix by jewelers, so they cost you less money in that way. Sapphires come in EVERY color, so if you want something really unique and less expensive, go for it.

joythigpen | Reply

thanks for all the input everyone! so helpful!!

Elisa | Reply

My diamond engagement ring is surrounded by pink sapphires, and I love it! think tiffany’s cushion cut, but with a double shank and all the little stones around the stone are pink sapphires :) My fiance designed it and it made me love it even more!

Katie | Reply

My engagement ring is a pink sapphire set in platinum with diamonds around it and then pave diamonds going down the band. I love it! It’s so different and unique. Some people are confused by the fact that it’s not a white diamond, but this makes me love it even more! I think with Kate Middleton’s recent engagement, sapphire and other non-traditional engagement rings will be hugely popular!

Emma | Reply

My ring was made my Greg Fromont
It is yellow gold, the main stone is rose quartz with white diamonds either side of it. My favourite part that you can’t really see in the photo is the tiny gold leaves that hold the main stone in place. So lucky!

Anna W | Reply

I would recommend this one from matsergoldcraft, a shop on Etsy.


Almost identical to the one shown in the inspiration board. I would love a stone like this, but cut and set like this white topaz by the same seller:


Rachelle | Reply

My engagement ring is rose quartz set in white gold. We didn’t want diamonds. Even though they say they are conflict free diamonds, you can never be 100% sure. We knew what was most iportant was that we both loved what I had and loved what it represented. Going this way was also MUCH cheaper and made us focus on what was really important.

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