irises close up small

Joy Thigpen sent over some images this morning of a bouquet she put together from flowers and greenery she picked from her backyard over the weekend. Pink flowers on their own can be a little too sweet for my taste, but when mixed with bluberries and honeysuckle I find the feminine elements too lovely to resist.  A little more from Joy


The big peach flowers are some kind of irises, the berries are unripe blueberries, the magenta things are honeysuckle, and the greenery is fig leaves, azalea, loropetalum, new oak leaves, and crepe myrtle suckers. I ripped up some leftover, peach fabric and tied it around the stems to finish the look.

pink iris wedding bouquet


Comments (4)

Heather | Reply

So lovely! I wish so badly that I had these in my backyard!

lyndsey Hamilton | Reply

gorgeous, as always!

Bethany | Reply

Oh, peach is my favorite color and I adore it against the turquoise too!

katie | Reply

iris’ are my favorite flower. they are so delicate and girly. nice images.