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Posting will be a little lighter than usual this week, but I will definitely be
back to my normal routine by next Monday. I thought I would start off the week sharing some of my favorite details from the new Martha Stewart
.  I’m not really a pink person, but all the gorgeous peaches and yellows in the newest issue are just too lovely to resist.

I really like the simple, doiley garlands above. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them used in this format before, but it seems like a pretty easy and fun project to undertake. My favorite spread in the whole magazine though was this table top created by the very talented Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua. I know its hard to see from the images, but she used the most beautiful depression-era glass as vases and the flowers of course are absolutely gorgeous.


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Dana | Reply

YUM! That peachy cake looks delicious. I love the ribbon they fastened on the outside of each tier.

Susan | Reply

I havent seen doilies folded over like that either. I am definitely adding this to my ever growing list of DIY projects to try and tackle.

Toni | Reply

That cake is amazing. I am not usually a big fan of pink either, but I feel that cake working its way into my wedding somehow.

chelsea | Reply

Yay! You always get it first so it’s fun to see the sneak previews on your blog. I love all of these photos, especially that doily garland.

melissa | Reply

gorgeous! I was so excited to get my copy today.

Karen Sullen | Reply

Using the small glasses as vases is a nice touch for the wedding centerpieces. It gives the table a romantic touch that would be great for a garden wedding, don’t you think?

Michelle Armas | Reply

Howdy, I saw this too and I was like, ok, what sort of party can I throw for this….hmmm….

Sarah LaClaire | Reply

Mmm, I just LOVE all the colors here! They make me so happy! I admit, if I could do my wedding over again, I’d definitely go with this theme.


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