Amy of Old Sweet Song
was kind enough to put together a few inspiration boards for Once Wed
and I really like her unique twist on them. The Southern Charm is
definitely my favorite, but getting married by the seashore sounds
pretty nice too. Thanks, Amy!



Comments (12)

Leslie | Reply

I like the first one too. Southern weddings are the best.

DL | Reply

coral is my favorite color so the seashore board is my favorite.

Maggie @ Eat, Drink, Marry | Reply

These boards are absolutely darling!

Ashley | Reply

I’m a big fan of the city board. I love how classic and elegant it is.

alison | Reply

coolest inspiration board style I’ve seen to date. They look just like postcards. yummy.

Carolyn of Serendipity & Spark | Reply

Absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful take on inspiration boards!

Margaret, Project Wedding | Reply

I love the southern charm and the seashore inspiration boards. These inspiration boards are really beautiful! How did she make these?

chelsea | Reply

Fantastic idea. I like these so much and they are very well suited to your blog.

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your lovely comments on my boards. It is so exciting to see these here. As to how I made them, I used collected treasures and trinkets and then I went to town with the scanner and spent hours arranging and rearranging them just so… It was a labor of love and I can’t wait to create some more. Thanks again for all the positive feedback!

Courtney | Reply

So refreshing and beautiful, Amy!

Sally | Reply

I love these. They are each a wonderful, creative presentation of random objects that each evoke the image of the desired event: be it the southern wedding, the city wedding or the seashore wedding. Personally I loved the baby shower board best – it was sweet, nostalgic and eye catching.

miss pickles press | Reply

ahhh, amy! the uber talented miss amy. love what you’ve done here. quit that ad job and get into design, girlfriend!


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