I don’t usually post a lot of couple sessions on Once Wed, but this set photographed by the incredibly talented Punam Bean was too beautiful to resist. How amazing are the black and bronze birdcage veils created by Unveiled Bridal Designs?


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Tess | Reply

wow. the images above are amazing. thanks so much for turning me onto punam’s work. i have added her to my feed.

Anne | Reply

I absolutely need that bronze birdcage veil. Do you think I can get away with wearing bronze with my white wedding dress:)? I sure hope so.

AnnaKarin | Reply

Truly amazing pics!

Leslie | Reply

Really incredible stuff. I hope I look that beautiful for my engagement session!

Vane | Reply

what a hot couple! great shots

Courtney | Reply

Holy cow- these are beautiful photos! I looove the first one! Amazing.

Bridechka | Reply

So beautiful! The veils are truly stunning!

Darling Dexter | Reply

I love these photos…she is gorgeous esp. with the birdcage

Tory | Reply

Wow! These photos are breathtaking! The couple is absolutely beautiful, and the bird cage veil is lovely. I love how she captured their personalities, the couple’s unique style and the artistic style of the photos. Punam Bean is one of my favorite photographers. Her work continually amazes me.

Courtney | Reply

So cute! I’d love to know who makes the wedding dress too!

Liz | Reply

these images are just gorgeous!!!