Our wedding was lovely, but casual and comfy; we wanted our guests
to get that from the moment they received our Save-the-Date postcard.
We hoped they would see our packaging and say, “Oh! This is so Tec and
Chelsea!” and anticipate a celebration that was unique and very “us.”
We also made sure that everything–from the invitations to the
programs to the RSVP cards had the same sort of flow to them.
Therefore, we stayed within the same color palette and used the same
three fonts again and again.
1.  Our invitations.
2.  This card was two-sided.  This
side showed out out of town guests where they could stay, giving the
hotel’s address, phone number, and the date that the room had to be
reserved by in order to receive our group rate discount.
3.  The other side of the card gave our guests a fun little check
list!  Since we were getting married in a barn, we suggested that the
ladies wear flats so that they didn’t “aerate their yard for free…”,
reminded the guys of a golf outing Friday morning, reminded them that
bugs may be prevalent and suggested wearing bug repellent, and that the
barn was about 30 minutes from Nashville and Franklin (the location of
the hotels).
4.  Our program.  We wanted it to be just a tad “fancier” than the
invitations, so I drew the banner with two of the birds from the
invitations and the Save-the-Dates to tie it all together.
These tags were hole-punched and tied to goodie bags we made for our
wedding guests that were staying in the suggested hotels.  Inside
the goodie bags we put directions to the barn and places of interest
around Franklin and some snack-type foods for them to munch on.
6.  RSVP card.
7.  The return envelope for the RSVP
card.  (It should also be noted that everything but our invitations and
postcards were printed off our printer; even the RSVP envelopes.
Printing on bright-white cardstock and placing the printer on a higher
quality setting produced beautiful prints… and it was so much cheaper
than having them professionally printed!)
8.  Our Save-the-Date postcard.  We ordered from Vista Print, who
usually has specials going on.  At the time we ordered our postcards, I
think we 300 for a little more than $20, including shipping!  Not only
is that crazy cheap, but postcard stamps are also several cents cheaper… and on a tight budget, every little cent counts!


My dad is also an art
teacher and his talents are endless.  He can build, draw, construct and
even calligraphy!  While my mom was running around doing the dirty work
of talking to caterers, rental companies and insurance agents, my dad
was bent over a table addressing all 300-something invitations as a
labor of love for his daughter and future son…

Chelsea has got many more details from the reception coming up….


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Anne | Reply

I adore her sweet invites!

zoe | Reply

I just stumbled across your site and its incredible. This wedding is sensational.

*B* | Reply

Absolutely adorably lovely!!

Sara-Grey | Reply

These are so beautiful and fun! This is almost exactly what my fiance and I wanted, because we are using woodland animals in all of our wedding ideas. Soo Cute!

Emma | Reply

I love it! Can someone please tell me what font was used? The western looking font. Would really like to use it for my invites!