Nude And Vermillion Roundup

So the question is: do you envision theses dresses for you or your bridesmaids???  :)

And which shoes would you wear with which dress?

1. Amsale 2. Topshop $55  3. Carven SALE: $493  4. Dolce Vita $190  5. Madison Marcus $368  6. Donna Karan $1995  7. Donna Karan $3500  8. Topshop $130  9. Lanvin $1240  10. BCBG $348  11. Elizabeth and James $545  12. Theory $315  13. Alberta Ferretti $2240  14. Kathryn Amberleigh SALE: $39  15. Halston Heritage $995  16. Arden B $59


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MJ | Reply

AMAZING. I am actually totally doing vermilion as one of my colors, but didn’t even think to look for vermilion shoes because I thought it would be too impossible– so I’ve been looking for my other color!

dana | Reply

who do you think your audience is? $3500 for a dress. no thanks

bianca of terri planty | Reply

such a delicious collection of things. i have been eyeing those topshop wedges for sometime now. so cute.

Juliana | Reply

Love the shoes! And all of those dresses are soooo dreamy!


McKenzie Powell Designs | Reply

Mmm… yum. This color combo would be gorgeous!

Kathleen@weddingswaterside | Reply

I’d wear the champagne and red as the bride, actually. I’m so over white.

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ | Reply

2 – 3 – 15 – 16 .. WANT

Marvs | Reply

3 and 14! love Love LOVE!! But if I made my bridesmaids pay that much for their dress they might opt out. :-/ But I’m sure I can find a look-alike more conveniently priced.

Melissa | Reply

I’d just like to say thank you for posting a beautiful selection of things in all different price ranges and styles! Even if it’s out of reach for me, a dress can still act as an inspiration for the sort of look or colour or material I’m after.

Tamara Nicole | Reply

I sooo want those Arden B heels!

Michelle Scotti, Hawaii Wedding Photography | Reply

Nothing makes me happier, when photographing both weddings and engagements, then gorgeous, brightly colored shoes! Gone are the days of blending them with your dress – go for COLOR!

g.m. | Reply

I had to blink and do a double-take because one of these is actually my bridesmaids dresses!!! Thanks for confirming that I made a good choice!

Katherine {flower & honey} | Reply

fabulous round-up! #10 is amazinggg

Kirby {Colors of Honey} | Reply

Oh my! I would love to any of my bridesmaids in the Areden B shoe for my wedding. Beautiful!


stacy | Reply

so it’s a wish-hard list?

melissa | Reply

I think $3500 is totally doable for the wedding dress, and actually mid-range (sigh) for so many mainstream designers, and I LOVE #7. But I don’t think any of these dresses are a suitable price point for the maids.

Paper Moss | Reply

Didn’t think I could love a color combo this much (or this early in the morning!) but it makes me want to paint my nails red!

Laura Whitney | Reply

I like it, but I’m wondering how many brides are actually going to go with a champaign dress vs. white or ivory? I seems like a lot of us “really like the idea but not for me”. Or maybe for a 2nd wedding it’s a more popular color? Any thoughts? I LOVE #13 btw!

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

These champagne dresses are so pretty! and they go perfectly with the red shoes!

vermilion | Reply

i think now for wedding dress the white has totally gone out of fashion.. I would rather go with vermilion color … it is quite differnt and unique but the prize is a liitle bit expersive :)

elaine | Reply

#3 dress with #16 shoes. i’m totally feelin this color combo!


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