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examples of a vintage lace wedding dress


I’ve been spending my free time this week uploading a whole bunch of new real weddings in our galleries, and this lovely wedding photographed by Rachel Thurston keeps standing out in my mind as a new favorite. To see more of this beautiful celebration, click real weddings.


  1. This wedding is beautiful! I love her dress! Does anyone know where it is from or where I can find it?

  2. I love her dress too! It’s one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The ribbon around the waist is a great idea… I’d love to know where it’s from or if anyone knows of a designer who makes something similar.

  3. such a lovely bride and photographs. i hope i look this elegant and beautiful on my wedding day. this wedding is going in my inspiration file asap

  4. This wedding is literally my dream wedding, from the garden strung with lights to the airy flowers and t-strap shoes. and her dress is my favorite ever. If anyone finds out if a comparable dress exists, please post a link!

  5. when i saw this beautiful bride i cried.she is so awesome!if i ever get married i wanna wear her gown

  6. Hello, thanks everyone for the nice comments!
    I just saw today that our wedding was on this great site!

    To answer some questions:
    I bought my wedding dress 8 years ago from an antique store in NYC. I have no idea where to find something like it, but check your family treasure chest for ideas! Adam and I wanted our wedding to have a good old-fashioned sense of community and family. We had old photos of our parents and grandparents at their weddings and even some of our great-grandparents! Although my dress was not from our family (I wish!) it has a lot of inherent history. It is from the late Edwardian Era, around 1905-1910. It is cotton lace and there were no alterations beside switching the buttons. I made the slip to wear under it.
    My engagement ring was also antique and from the same era (Adam picked it!) and I wore a locket Adam gave me for my birthday. The perfect T-strap brown shoes were from Adam’s mother. My mom did all the site planning and work with the help of friends. It was truly a community event!

    I hope that helps…
    The main thing is to make it original and specific to you two (the couple). You will be far more satisfied with the feel of your wedding than if you try to replicate something you have seen. We all put in a lot of prep work not knowing how it would be in the end. (I even stayed up late the night before with my sisters stringing the flower wreaths for the wedding party because we hadn’t figured out how to do it earlier!)

    …and then hire a great photographer.
    After all your work, that is the key!
    Thanks Rachel Thurston!

    and thanks Once Wed :)

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