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Sally @ ourdreamlives | Reply

Dress number 10 is incredibly beautiful! And absolutely love the long table between the trees.

Bia (Engagement Rings) | Reply

Item 4! What a lovely ring that is. And #5 is just a gorgeous setting, it does look very natural.

HiLLjO | Reply

Really love the vertical layout you guys use for your inspirational boards! I love the dress choice and the little oak helicopter cufflinks!

Jen | Reply

Wait…where is number 9?

Stacy {Advantage Bridal} | Reply

Love the muted, nature-inspired color palette. The garter, bracelet (#4) and turtle shell are all unique accessories!

Katie | Reply

There’s no listing for number 9.

littlewinterbride | Reply

I will take #10 and #11. so enchanting…..

Chantal | Reply

These pictures are beautiful! I love the dinner table in the middle of the field’s. How peaceful and wonderful for a wedding dinner!

aurea @ pricewise events | Reply

The garter is ah-mazing! I love anything which has feathers on it, and that one is just pretty nature-inspired. :)

Anna | Reply

The link for #4 takes you to the site for #8.

Ridgely's Radar | Reply

So pretty! Love the whole color palette!

joythigpen | Reply

oh gosh–so sorry! fixed the links for #4 and #9. oops! thanks for the heads up

janebird | Reply

we’re having a white, green and gray wedding too – so fresh and so clean clean!

Brenda | Reply

Great ideas! Love the feather garter… Absolutely beautiful. One other idea to consider are “green” engagement and wedding bands. My husband and I chose conflict-free diamonds made from recycled gold. A great resource for anyone looking for these is http://www.brilliantearth.com but there are other sites that offer them as well.