Once Wed Saipua

Did you know Sarah, the woman behind the beautiful flowers of Saipua, has a more mysterious and darker side?? Check it out below…

No time like the impending apocalypse to stage a memorable wedding celebration. I joke. Sort of.

Dark Painting

As much as I love a sweet country weddings replete with mason jars of wild flowers and vintage lace, I personally long for a darker sort of magic. A crystal rubbing, spell inducing, hypnotic frenzied sort of fête. Do you think my mother will still come?

Guests arrive at the foot of the mountain 2 days prior. There, they abandon their cellphones, their blackberries (ain’t no cell phone service atop magic mountain) and find their designated pack mule ready to ferry their camping supplies and their Alexander Mcqueen gowns to the top.

Alexander McQueen Degrade Silk Organza Off The Shoulder Gown 2

I’ve been camping at the top of the mount for weeks, along with a pack of wild dogs and my personal masseuse. In this time, I’ve carefully constructed each guests natal chart, which will serve as the place card at the feast table.

Unique Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Nicolette and Jill have arrived with buckets and buckets of salmon and red oriental poppies, black hellebores, ranunculus and friends. They set up a fairy tent where they work their flower magic. Oh, and I want a hair crown.

Red And Black Wedding Flowers

The ceremony is at midnight, so we feast first. Tables are set under the stars with giant antique velvet linens that drag on the dusty ground. We have Marlow and Sons preparing a pit fire roasted lamb. We’ve got casks of wine. Bobby is there capturing guests, their heads thrown back in mid cackle. And the Cocteau Twins singing acoustic. Surprise! They reunited for my wedding!

Midnight Wedding Ideas

Wind picks up and it signals an outfit change. My handmaids and I rush to my boudoir tent and start to bedazzle ourselves. I walk down the aisle to this:  Clara Rockmore’s theremin performance of Saint-Saën’s “The Swan”

Lighting Strikes! The Clock Strikes Midnight!

Black Wedding Veil

We’re married and the dancing begins!

Post by Sarah of Saipua


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Juli Vaughn Designs | Reply

This is amazing. love. love. love it.

Janine | Reply

Sarah, you genius. I absolutely LOVE this bohemian-goth fairytale of a wedding. It has the perfect amount of both natural and glamorous. So original!

Jill | Reply

sweet. i’m ready. what time should i get there with my wild pack?

jen | Reply

how did you step inside my brain and steal my dream? i thought i was the only one who’d want elisabeth fraser to sing me down the aisle and sean rembold to prepare my feast.

Heather C | Reply

I love everything about this punk princess gypsum affair.

Mara | Neither Snow | Reply

Clara Rockmore is there live though, right? More like this, please. And please one day do this in real life, Sarah, because the world needs it.

Natalie | Reply

This is so amazing and unconventional – LOVE IT!