Sylvan Glam

Some of the best cathedrals in Europe feel like the woods to me, and alternately, sometimes the woods can feel completely transcendent. It seems to me that a forest is just as fancy a place as any for a full on glamorous fete. (Provided there are proper accommodations adjacent, of course.) Can’t you imagine a string quartet out in those fallen red leaves. Ooo! And a harp! What else do you see?

clockwise from top right: 1. Angelica Vis 2. Jasmine Star 3. Laura Fulmine 4. Annabel Elston for Elle Decoration UK


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SyntheticElegance | Reply

Gorgeous! Utter perfection.

mariegael | Reply

i did mine in the woods. no string quartet, but i did have an irish fiddle & an opera singer.

lizzie [love your way] | Reply

i love the idea of chandeliers hanging in the woods…i’ve driven past a ton of random trees off of the road that have been decorated and it makes my day…excellent board.

galaxie andrews | Reply

here’s the credit for the fourth image :)
glowing mobile by anabel elston –

Amanda Felsman | Reply

The shoes in the Jasmine Star picture are beautiful!! I also love chandeliers in rustic settings, the contrast is nice.

melissa | Reply

How evil to show those Kate Spade shoes when they are not on the Kate Spade site for me to buy!

Isabel DreamWeddingItaly | Reply

This is probably best wedding idea and photos I’ve ever seen!COMPLIMENTS!!!

Kelsey Anderson | Reply

Oh my I adore those shoes! ADORE!!

joythigpen | Reply

mariegael, WOW! the setting of your wedding was unbelievably beautiful! thanks for sharing!

and galaxie andrews, thanks for the image credit! its updated now.

Eileen Garcia Photography | Reply

Beautiful colors and trees.

Kellie | Reply

wowo! stunning photos- all of them!

MegsMoment | Reply

Does anyone know any details about the navy dress??? Amazing and I must find it!