Did everyone have a Merry Christmas? Does anyone have any fun news to share? :)

Black Fish Board

Well, today I wanted to share this board as an example of mixing contrasting elements into a cohesive look. A lot of times couples have very differing styles and in my opinion, it is almost always best to find a way to incorporate both aesthetics into a wedding. Sometimes the beauty is in the foil. Just find some point of common ground, in this case, the black and white, and then rock out your differences in their full glory! You can totally do modern with vintage; very raw and bold and hard lines with soft and delicate and girly. You can be you and he can be him!

images clockwise from top left: 1. Petrina Tinslay 2. Tec Petaja 3. unknown 4. Jennifer Skog


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Morgan | Reply

He proposed Christmas morning!!

Jessica | Reply

Had a great holiday! At the family Hanukkah party in Los Angeles, sitting on the stairs for a group 20s- and 30s photo, my boyfriend proposed! My uncle was filming the picture-taking madness, and I’ve been walking on air ever since! We’re planning an Alaskan (where we live) wedding for summer 2012.

Dynamite Weddings | Reply

Those shoes are two cute!

Natasha Stevens | Reply

My fiance and I picked out a place to get married. In Idaho, along the payette river. We are going to have the ceremony in front of a huge pine tree with the river in the background. Even though it was dumping snow i could still picture the perfect moment in my mind!

Congrats to the new engaged ladies!

Maggie | Reply

We got engaged a few days ago and I could not be happier! I can’t wait to check out some inspiration here!

Alexis | Reply

Me!! My proposal came on Christmas Eve, with my whole family surrounding us! I think my sister is *still* crying tears of joy. ;)

Tonia | Reply

I love this inspiration board and the idea behind it. I think sometimes the bride’s ideas and taste dominate the style of the wedding and the groom’s style/taste is reduced to a cake, his attire, and maybe a fun gift for his groomsmen. It’s too bad because there are a lot of creative grooms out there that probably would have come up with some great decor ideas had they been given a chance to be a bigger part of the process. Thankfully my groom was very much involved in the planning. I am NOT one of those women who can shoulder all of those decisions alone, so I am so happy he wanted to do it with me. I think our wedding was truly a mix of our styles and tastes and ideas. It makes me so happy looking back at the pictures because it has so much of our heart and soul in every detail. :)

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Jen | Reply

My fiance definitely wants a say in the wedding style.