I receive quite a few emails regarding engagement rings specifically where to find really unique pieces. I recently came across the work of Katherine Bowman through All The Mountains and was immediately drawn to the irregular shapes and beautiful stones she uses in all her pieces. The etching she does is especially beautiful!

Unique Engagement Rings

Katherine Bowman


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Kelsi | Reply

These are so beautiful. I am in love!

Rhonda Giedt Photography | Reply

They are lovely! I like how the stone doesn’t sit up high. I tend to be really rough on my jewelry and love the idea of the stone being a little more protected.

Julie | Reply

These are lovely! I love the soft gold color and the organic feel. Nice!

Joono | Reply

LOVEloveLOVE the second, third, &fourth rings.

Gina | Reply

thank you for posting this! i’ve already got my engagement ring but i’ve been on the lookout for unique wedding bands :)

Allison | Reply

These are stunning–can I please get one before I get engaged? I love the detailing on the gold–specifically the leaf printed one.

Isis | Reply

I can’t say these are my style at all… they look a little cheap for my tastes.

Steph | Reply

love the rings and i have been reading all the mountians for foreverrrr. absolutely love that blog.

Whitney | Reply

The only requirement I had for the engagement ring: It had to be flat. I am a welder and something tall would get in my way. My diamond is not huge, but it is from the 1890’s and so unique. Sort of like the setting in the last pix. Thanks for something different.

melissa | Reply

I kind of like the bezel style of the first ring and the style of the last one, but can’t the same thing be pulled off while not looking so warped and uneven?

Chantale@labellebride | Reply

I love how different they are! It’s so nice to have something unique!

Evita | Reply

WOW. Those are simply divine! I would love to have one for casual wear!

andi | Reply

Love the wedding bands in pic 3. You may also want to look at Melissa Joy Manning’s jewlery line…amazing. Very organic and unique…wore one of her opal bracelets for my wedding

Becoming Mrs. Ford | Reply

so unique! just gorgeous.

Daniel | Reply

Not really that appealing to me although I can understand why they are liked by others. They have loads of character!

Melissa | Reply

Very beautiful pieces. I love the design and etchings. I would love to have one of these rings.

Joanna | Reply

I have a Katherine Bowman ring as my wedding ring, and it’s just beautiful. Organic and simple and lovely.

Kristy | Reply

What a lovely site, for all these lovely occasions all i will ever dream of is to make my wedding a memorable for my husband and mine. and Lest i forgot the ring……… oh that is very cute and beautiful, ahh i wish you all the best enjoy your moment girl all the best!

Isabel | Reply

where can you purchase these?

Ninza | Reply

You can purchase these rings from
E.G Etal in Melbourne, Australia.
They do international shipping too.


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