I don’t usually post a lot of beach weddings on Once Wed because I don’t come across many that really catch my eye, but Valery and Chauncey’s Jamaican wedding blew me away. Maybe it was because the bride and groom rock their wedding wear so well or the konk shell chandelier’s hanging above the dance floor. Regardless, the wedding below is amazing…


[Images c/o Kvetch Indiebride]


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Bonnie Tsang | Reply

Love!! – *B* –

Kathryn | Reply

This is incredible – I love it!

Vane | Reply

goodness! that hat and those shoes! perfect!

Michelle @ My Wedding Report | Reply

Her hat and shoes are awesome. What a fun wedding!

Sabrina | Reply

This wedding had such style. It really made their day "their day".

mimi | Reply

this makes me want to elope in a short dress. gorgeous.

Tiffany Grant-Riley | Reply

Wow, what a stylish couple, how I wish I could’ve been a part of their day!

Rebecca | Reply

stunning! a new favorite!

Keren | Reply

where is that amazing dress from?! i’ve been looking for a dress like that for months.

Maileen | Reply

Of course this wedding would be classy – they had Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings! Definitely a cut above the rest. Musicians have the coolest weddings.

michelle | Reply

AMAZING WEDDING!! The shoes!! Oooh my, the shoes!

Kate @Kids and Cocktails | Reply

That wedding, that couple and those shoes are all ridiculously awesome. They’re hogging all the awesome in the world. ;) Thanks for sharing.

Martha Luisa Rex | Reply

Do you know where she got her beautiful dress and those gorgeous shoes??

Emil | Reply

What an absolutely fabulous wedding. I love seeing such individual hip weddings. I went to her indiebride link and saw the band at their wedding was Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings…that did it for me. They are AWESOME and I can only imagine how JAMMING that reception was! Love it!