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Do you love ice cream as much as I do? I think its a great starting point for a wedding! Stay tuned this week for all kinds of ice cream wedding ideas…

Opening Ice Cream

photo by Jose Villa

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Candace {Lovestru.ck} | Reply

You have my full attention for the rest of the week!

Martie | Reply

Yippe!! I cannot wait to see the ice cream wedding ideas. My fiance LOVES ice cream and I defintely want to incorporate ice cream into our wedding.

Jess | Reply

Looks yummy!!!!

Elsie J | Reply

Can’t wait to see the ice cream ideas! Sounds yummy!

Madison | Reply

I love all these ice cream inspirations im seeing lately!

azulsahara | Reply

Don´t brides look lovely with natural flowers in their hair? I think they look great !

slim | Reply

We just had an ice cream sundae bar at our wedding. We served ice cream that was recently rated one of the top 10 in the nation, and they included the most amazing toppings. Everyone raved about it!

Jackie | Reply

mmm good idea :) i really like the apricots and ice cream post just after this one, but i can’t wait to see the rest.

calli @ wedding favors | Reply

Yes, I love ice cream just like you do..It’s gonna be creative then, nice idea! Natural colors are definitely awesome.

Melanie | Reply

That picture with the bathroom just looks so adorable! And I love the ideas of a natural bride look with flowers in the hair.

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