Pink Brown Paper Posit It Notes

You may be catching on by now that this month’s inspiration all involves the color pink! This week I wanted to explore pink in a more natural, earthy context. And yes, that is a window filled with pink post-it notes….I see some kind of budget-friendly wedding decor idea in there, do you?

1. Hotel Azucar 2. Nicolette Camille 3. unknown  4. unkonwn  5. Jeanne Opgenhaffen (hers is made of porcelain but you could make a more temporary version from paper, right?)


Comments (13)

Marija | Reply

I actually made a paper flowers bouquet in a similar color palette.

Also, I love the pink wall piece – is there a way to find out who made it?

joythigpen | Reply

Marija, i WISH i knew who did the pink post-it thing…i’ve been searching but haven’t found anything helpful…. anyone know?

birdie to be | Reply

Very pretty color combo!

Kelli | Reply

I would try that color combination. I like using brown better than black.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers | Reply

What is that pink wall piece!? I want my own!!

McKenzie Powell Designs | Reply

mmm… one of my favorite Saipua arrangements.

Christina Tran | Reply

I just got married a month ago, and that was my color palette! I was heavy on the ivories/whites, with just touches of pinks and browns weaved throughout. It was definitely very soft and romantic feeling. All the guys were dark espresso instead of black. =)

Corinna | Reply

That furniture is great and who knew those colors would mesh so well together?

Nicole | Wedding Flowers Co | Reply

Brown and pink match beautifully!

strictlypinkstuff | Reply

Excellent. You show off the versatility of pink. I agree the pink window is fantastic.

Ridgely's Radar | Reply

I usually don’t like pink and brown but this looks great!

Michelle ~ Pocketful of Dreams | Reply

Love these colours and brilliant images. Really like the use of texture.

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