Super Colorful Interiors

This week is going out to all of you who can’t get enough color in your lives! Do you want your wedding to be super bright and colorful but worry about it getting out of control? Three tips: 1) Notice that there is actually a color palette here that is broad but respected–and that those colors are for the most part not ones you’d find in a 24-pack of Crayons…this will keep all your crazy colors from looking too juvenile, 2) All these colors are given some space to live in a white (or at least neutral) background which helps keep things from being as overwhelming, 3) These are all solid colors. It can totally work to introduce patterns, and even lots of them, but if you’re nervous, you can play it safe by using solids and still get a great look.

1. Magnus Anesund 2. unknown  3. Domino  4. unknown  5. Domino

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E. M. Anderson | Reply

Oh how I mourn the loss of Domino! I totally love those kitchen cabinets too!

Dawn | Reply

I want all of this! So pretty

Helen (MKWings) | Reply

Beautiful colours. xo

Claire | Reply

GORGEOUS colors!!!

melissa | Reply

I would like to move into that room with the fuchsia arm chair, purple lamp and yellow vase.

Christine | Reply

I love this! I’m getting married next Memorial day (May 2012). Everyone keeps asking which colors I’m using– but I plan for it to be very colorful (alla #4) I’d like to do a neutral base and then have bright colorful flowers around :)

Tiffany | Reply

it’s like you peered into my soul.

Madison | Reply

i can never decide on a colour scheme so this is exactly what i need!

Lynn | Reply

I think the second image is a room by Miles Redd.

WedinStyle Vietnam Wedding Planner | Reply

haha … love these colors combination. Smart choice ^^~

Addison | Reply

I absolutely love the first picture with every cabinet a new color. Ah, all of these colors are getting me pumped for summer!

Addison | Reply

Shoot I forgot on my last comment I changed the link to my blog.

antique engagement rings | Reply

I love the colors… fantastic!

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

Love COLOR!! Need a little light on this rainy day!

Kristi | Reply

What a lovely pickup I need this morning!! And I am loving all the color ;-))


Elizabeth | Reply

So excellent! We’re getting married in just A MONTH and this is fully the direction we’re going… Lots of details to work out and this week’s posts are definitely going to help!

Courtney | Reply

I love this weeks focus on colour. As I think the majority of those planning weddings feel they have to choose only 2-3 colours. However I did the complete opposite…as a lover and teacher of colour when it came to designing our wedding I knew I wanted all colours but did not want it to look like a rainbow. So the whole wedding from the paper products to the tables were a story on colour. The ceremony was all neutral with white flowers and the girls in a neutral gold tone dress and at the end the guest threw handfuls of coloured confetti which was the first reveal of colour. Then in cocktail hour was all white flowers but colour was brought in through coloured class, the place cards as well as other elements. then when guest went into the reception they were confronted with COLOUR!! all colours…we had 7 long tables all with the same layout and funky fabric clothes but all the flowers on each table were a different colour. so one was all white flowers, one was all red, one pink one green, one yellow, one orange and one green! It was AMAZING!!!! PROPS to ONCE WED for exploring colour and showing everyone specially the bride community to not be afraid of colour!

joythigpen | Reply

wow, Courtney, I love that! I love how you thought through an experiential journey for the event!! NICE!!!