planting bulbs

While spring still feels like a long way off here in snowy Massachusetts, I hear it’s coming, and some of you are already seeing the signs first hand… Seems like a fabulous starting point for a wedding….

1 & 2. Garden Anywhere via Frolic! 3. Ellen Silverman 4. Flake House by Olgga Architects 5. unknown


Comments (6)

The Wedding Secret | Reply

Cannot wait for spring!

Juliana | Reply

This pictures make me so happy! Springtime can’t get here soon enough!


Alexis | Reply

Thank you for another inspiring and encouraging collage :)

Abby | Reply

Mmm…I can feel the dirt between my fingers.

-A =)

Sincerely | Reply

I love the Flake house & Garden Anywhere photo! Nice pairings…warm weather come soon!!!

artdecodiamonds | Reply

Love your pics… and yes thank goodness for the spring!

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