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What if you had the paper labels printed with your guests’ names and table numbers on them?? And maybe instead of signing in to a guest book, they use their color to collectively create a piece of art?!? (Image source unknown.)


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Madison | Reply

Such a great idea!

Allie | Reply

That would be amazing. And I’m sure the result would be hang-on-the-living-room-wall worthy, much unlike the framed picture of us that everyone signed…. *sigh*

Girlie | Reply

Fabulous! I’ll steal this idea (if I get married:))

Melissa | Reply

Ah! Such a lovely idea!

Huckleberry Creative | Reply

Love this idea! Would make for such a good keepsake!

Reese @ JAF Gifts | Reply

Simple, yet wonderful idea! The canvas could also serve as the photo booth background, if the event makes use of one!

Ramona | Reply

what an awesome idea!!!!

wedding dress | Reply

Such a great idea! Love this idea!

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