2 Nantucket Cobalt

A little summery something by the sea…check back all week for ideas and inspired by this board!

1. Rose Hammick 2. Alexandra Rowley 3. Anna Kern 4. D&G spring/summer 2011 show at Milan Fashion Week


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Jamie | Reply

I can’t decide if I really like the long patterned dresses or not. They are really cool and old fashioned, but they might look like pajamas on women who aren’t stick thin fashion models. Do you know where to find more pictures of these dresses, or if anyone affordable makes similar ones? I have had some luck on Gathering Guide and am looking for more advice. Thanks so much.

HiLLjO | Reply

Yeah printed maxi dresses translate completely different from D&G Runway show in Milan to Walmart’s aisle 4 in Omaha. I love the D&G style, though! I might try a tunic-length version with jeggings… Love the mixed inspirations, though. Cobalt sea doesn’t get much truer to color than that!

leila | Reply

dear lord, that dress is so beautiful.

Michael and Anna Costa | Reply

Cobalt is such a powerful color! Beautiful post.