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How about an outdoor wedding that is both modern and rustic? ….casual and elegant? It can be done!

Is this your style? Stay tuned for more ideas in this genre…

1. Rinne Allen 2. Martin Cederblad 3. Hotel des Tailles 4. unknown unfortunately  5. mostly unknown 6. Juan Herreros Arquitectos


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annawithlove | Reply

love the photo of the girls running, gorgeous dresses!

sarah | Reply

It can?! I feel like my life’s questions are about to be answered…!

Sarah | Reply

yes! love <3

Jeanette | Reply

This is definitely my style! More please! :)

Jess | Reply

This is exactly what I am struggling with! My wedding is on an organic farm, I want rustic elegance, but with modern design elements!

Marija | Reply

It looks and feels so magical. I love the photo of the field flowers – just like snowflakes.
So romantic…

Stella | Reply

Love these beautiful photos!

Wedding Dress Cleaning | Reply

Absolutely loving those dresses!

Nicole | Reply

Yes please!! Modern Rustic is how I’ve been describing our wedding!

Jennifer | Reply

This is what I’m going for and it’s a challenge to find the right balance between modern, rustic, and romantic. I looooove this post though—more please!

Addison | Reply

Love the magical feel and all of the fabrics in the clothing.

Rosalie | Reply

Exactly what I am looking for! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Nookie Doodle | Reply

Those dresses are GEORGOUS! I wish we could get more views :-(

Barn Weddings | Reply

Incorporating the modern and rustic wedding was sort of an awesome idea. :D