Simonapries Art As Wedding Invitation2 CopySimonapries Art As Wedding Invitation Copy

When I first saw the  Simona Pries art piece I used on the board yesterday I thought it’d make a great wedding invitation. So I put together these little mock-ups of ideas to start you off (because I think it could be done a million ways!). You could either use one layer of vellum, tape it off in sections, painting thin washes of color over each section, or overlay multiple layers of vellum with only one section painted on each layer and perhaps different text/information on each layer so that when its all stacked up you got a nice complete suite. Either way, you’d need to iron each painted piece to make it smooth and flat again as the watered-down paint would wrinkle the vellum.

Calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap and the stork/crane is classic Islamic art.


Comments (9)

Candace {} | Reply

absolutely love these! so beautiful!

Tiffany | Wedding Flowers Store | Reply

totally amazing… so fresh and soothing!! I love them!

HiLLjO | Reply

The transparent effect translates PERFECTLY. Nailed it!

erin | Reply

Very pretty!!!

Ashley | Reply

Absolutely love the invitation suite! Everything about it. Love the calligraphy! More please!!

Erin E | Reply

Wow. This is incredible.

Wella | Wedding Envelopes | Reply

Simply elegant invitations! Very creative. Good job! :)

Brandi | Reply

So pretty. Still trying to figure out if I could do it.

Emilio Houston | Reply

Great tips on how to create these beautiful invitations!

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