Pink Ceremony Decor

“Well, that’s a very cool bedroom and quite a sweet sleeping nook but what does that have to do with my wedding?” you may be asking. Good question! Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled when your out in the non-wedding world (this image is from Domino Magazine) to see what might inspire you for your wedding. For example, I think this little niche would be a fabulous DIY project as a focal point for a ceremony! …In a field, in an all white studio space…. Maybe you or your fiance (or dad or handy uncle) could build a wooden niche (maybe even finish it off with drywall on the inside? or leave wooden panels for a more rustic look?) made to scale as a frame around you and yours instead of a bed. And then you paint it. Finito. And as a tiny tip: I’d use a white that is less white than your dress (if you’re wearing a white dress)…that’d keep the spotlight on you. ;) Also, throwing in some modern elements like this when a lot of other elements are vintage/nostalgic can help keep an event fresh and more unexpected.

Paint colors from top to bottom: Pink Ribbon by Benjamin Moore, and Snow Fall, Sweet Nothing, and Fading Rose by Behr


Comments (6)

eyeseepretty | Reply

We must be on a similar wavelength as I recently wrote a post which took some wedding inspiration boards and suggested that they would make great decor inspiration!


lydia {ever ours} | Reply

loving the soft, dreamy color palette.

Anne-Marie | Reply

What a lovely idea for an inspiration shoot too.

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

These subtle tones of pink are really pretty! Gorgeous for a vintage wedding!

Jen - ResellYourWedding | Reply

The most romantic bedroom I’ve ever seen! I like the idea of having it in the field. Or maybe even on the beach…

melissa | Reply

I love how you are deconstructing the inspiration boards. Because I personally am not a big fan of blog land’s glut of the Inspiration Board… but these? I can use them!

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