Hot Pink

Last but not least in our tribute to pink is the neon variety. Just remember: use sparingly…a little goes a long way (in my opinion). Field it in a whole lot of white and very soft grays and temper it with some very soft pink and you’ll be good to go with a modern, fresh color palette.

1. unknown  2. Airvase by Upon a Fold (you could hang a bunch of these as wedding bells!)  3. filippo minelli 4. szeke


Comments (9)

Aisling {Rangoli} | Reply

Wow – it’s amazing to see neon pink looking so classy – I like your idea of combining it with whites and soft greys.

Justine | Reply

Thank you for this mention. And such a nice idea too!

Elsie J | Reply

great inspiration! loving hot pink!

.modern vintage bride | Reply

I really love this shade of pink. That pink cloud is mind blowing. How?!

Ridgely's Radar | Reply

Love the color! Great pics for inspiration!

Andrea | Reply

That picture of the flamingos is completely fabulous.

Andrea x

Alessandra Perez-Rubio | Reply

I have noticed that pink is so in! I love this inspiration- because it hits the mood of summer right on the dot.

Alessandra from


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