Tom Sawyer

1. Amy Neunsinger 2. unknown  3. Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011  4. Jose Villa and Joy Thigpen 5. Anna Wolf


Comments (4)

HiLLjO | Reply

Yessss to the Alberta Ferretti. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

bridal girl | Reply

I like the third one too. Cool for a country summer affair!

Jacqui | Reply

I LOVE the Alberta Ferretti dress. LOVE! Any chance of a comparable-looking cheaper version?

joythigpen | Reply

I know! isn’t that Alberta Ferretti skirt amazing???? jacqui, I think hand painting a plain silk skirt is the only chance of getting it cheaper. i haven’t seen anything like it out there. anyone else?
though i think there are a lot of other possibilities if you use it as a launching point…in tomorrow’s post we painted something like it on a piece of vellum in the stationary but i think there are a lot of other possibilities, too!

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