Classic And Romantic

Here’s a little some-somethin’ for those of you who are die hard romantics on the more traditional/classic side of the spectrum. Is this you? Can I get a show of hands?

Stay tuned today for some ideas on how to bring a wedding like this to life…

1. Zac Posen at Bergdorf Goodman 2. polka dot shoes by Belathee Photography 3. Irene Suchocki 4. Marie Claire Maison 5. Betsy Dunlap by Kristin Ellis


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annawithlove | Reply

perfect, and I love Irene Suchocki, her stuff is fab!!

Victoria Sharkey | Reply

I love hot air balloons…this is all so lovely!

Caroline C | Reply

This is definitely me! I really love all of these images!

yvonne | Reply

i love the european-rustic bedroom spread. the hot air balloons are also such a fun addition! beautiful pictures.

Kelly Oshiro | Reply

Love the betsy dunlap photo from my anthro shoot last year, shot by Kirsten Ellis!

joythigpen | Reply

nice! thanks for identifying that for us kelly!

Dawn | Reply

dreamy dress! and such a bed for dreaming! oh, et Paris is the land I dream of… yes! this is me :-) if only I had a balloon to sail across the ocean…

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover | Reply

When I saw this on my RSS feed, at first I thought it was someone’s wedding and was about to get super jealous. That Paris photo is breathtaking!

Laetitia | Reply

Love this classic & romantic inspiration..especially the Paris picture with all the beautiful balloon.
Looks like my street..I’m a true parisian living in Paris :)))

Loving ur blog from Paris