Strawberry Ice Cream Wedding Roundup

1. strawberry icecream with fresh mint garnish, photo by Jose Villa 2. Zara $40  3. Urban Outfitters $69  4. vanilla ice cream with frozen raspberries, photo by Jose Villa 5. J.Crew $55  6. Urban Outfitters $180  7. vanilla ice cream with raw honeycomb and lavender, photo by Jose Villa 8. Zara $50  9. Urban Outfitters $59  10. Anthropologie $378  11. Modcloth $58  12. vanilla ice cream drizzled with warm honey, served with lemon wafer, photo by Jose Villa

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Meghan Lueck | Reply

Oops! There are two “7”s :) Can you tell me where the #7 dress is from?

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] | Reply

Love that Urban dress!! ohlala

Stephanie Elizabeth | Reply

I must have number 2 & 7! I LOVE the stuff you post :-)

Jackie | Reply

love the zara dresses in this board :)

blue elephant photography | Reply

okay i am swooning over #3 and #7! i love it! they are so cute!

Jessica | Reply

These colors are so fresh and I’m loving the J.crew ikat dress, too cute!

courtney | Reply

i agree! i am in loooove with #7 dress but I don’t see a link below. can you let us know where is it from? it would be perfect for a bridesmaid dress for my wedding!

Marija | Reply

lovely collection!

Ashley | Reply

Where is the dress in #7 from? Love it!

Anne | Reply

Here’s the dress for #7!

Autumn | Reply

#3 dress is stunning!

robin | Reply

Still cant find link to dress #7…help please!

Esther | Reply

can i please have the link for the dress that’s listed as #7?

alexandra | Reply

would also love the link to the #7 dress. please update!

Chantal | Reply

I love these dresses & shoes, and of the course the best part is the ice cream!

joy thigpen | Reply

sorry for the typo and the suspense! here’s the link to the dress (but it’s not available until Sept. hope you’re thinking ahead!):

wedding dress | Reply

Still cant find link to dress #7…help please!

Melanie | Reply

I love the idea of getting inspiration for your wedding from ice cream. Inspiration boards are definitely a favourite. And the number 7 dress is just so so gorgeous!

Sweet Friends | Reply

Friendship is Evergreen and forever….

Love is Great story of two successful couples..

Love is Chemistry Between Couples

Sweet Friends

Sally @ ourdreamlives | Reply

Gorgeous round up… also in love with dress number 7!!

Ridgely's Radar | Reply

Great assortment of photos! I love the color pallet!

flowers by bornay | Reply

loving the 2 first color associations!!

Bia @ Brilliance | Reply

Pink! Who doesn’t love pink! #6 is my favourite.

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