How to Wear a Blush Wedding Dress


Anything other than a white or ivory wedding dress used to be considered nontraditional, but not these days. “Blush” is possibly the most popular wedding color of the last few years. It first caught on as the “it” bridesmaid dress color and has crept its way into bridal fashion. Modern brides are opting to add a touch of color to the most important dress they’ll ever wear. When deciding how to add a touch of color, soft pink tones are at the top of the list. In fact, the image below by Jose Villa is one of the most pinned images of wedding dresses this year!

blush gowns

While I’m not a pink girl myself, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the tasteful blush wedding dresses on the market recently. This past fall, I had a client wear a gorgeous blush Reem Acra wedding gown. It was simply stunning. I dare say, it was more beautiful than any white gown I’ve seen in person!

When picking a gown with color, it’s important to ask for a swatch of the fabric so you can choose complementary colors for the bridal party attire. This was a little bit of a challenge for my client. At first, she thought that she wanted her bridesmaids to wear champagne dresses, but up next to her blush dress the colors just didn’t work. The champagne color looked a little “dirty” and it detracted from her beautiful dress. She also considered having the groomsmen wear navy, but that didn’t look right either. We tried a few other options and settled on dove grey dresses by Jenny Yoo. The groom opted for a black modern ­cut tux and the groomsmen wore charcoal grey suits. Instead of competing against one another, all the colors complimented and blended well.


There are styles and cuts of blush dresses for every type of bride. Whether you are looking for a modern dress or a bohemian gown, there is “the one” out there for you. When you are shopping for your pink dress, keep in mind the shade of pink that you are looking for. If you have warm undertones, pick a pink that is yellow or peach based. If you have cool undertones, pink a pink that is grey or silver based. It’s simple to remember, warm with warm, cool with cool.

Don’t be afraid to shop in unexpected places if you are looking for a nontraditional dress. Although most bridal boutiques have caught on to this trend, they may not have as many options as a high­-end department store or a boutique that sells evening gowns.

If having something custom-made is an option, you can work with your designer or seamstress to choose the perfect style, fabric and shade for you. You could even just add a hint of color to the detail of your white/ivory wedding dress.

If there’s any day that you should feel your best and most beautiful, it’s your wedding day. And to be completely honest, white isn’t always the most flattering color. If you feel best in a pink dress, then wear it with confidence!

I’d love to hear, are you a pink wedding dress kind of bride?

Article: Jessica Sloane | Graphic: Hannah Lee | First Image: Jessica Lorren | Second Image: Jose Villa | Last Image: Jessica Lorren

  1. I went with the Wtoo Olivia gown which is called ‘oat meal’ in colour, but is the most lovely shade of blush! It’s comforting to read this post about complimenting colours with the bridal party since I decided to go all grey as well! Am considering emerald green accents for the guys and ladies jewelry.

  2. I will have a blush wedding dress on my wedding in July! Funny to find out it’s also trendy. But I have problems finding perfect shoes that would match! Those on the first photo would be just perfect…

  3. The timing of this article made me smile! I bought my wedding gown (it’s actually a bridesmaid dress, $250!!) two days ago and it is a light blush color and is absolutely gorgeous! It’s by WToo in Ice Pink. I’m so excited to wear it and I know my fiancé will be so surprised (in a good way). The only down side, I’m also kind of stumped with the shoe situation. Fortunately, no one will really see my shoes since it’s floor length. LOVE blush gowns.

  4. I, too, would love to wear a blush gown and have been shopping tirelessly. Quite like the bride in this photo, I ordered a blush Reem Acra gown. Unfortunately, I had to cancel it because when I saw the blush swatch, it was very nude in color and would wash me out. If you are going to request a swatch, make sure you also request the underlay as well. The tulle swatch itself, might not give a good enough representation of what the color of your dress is going to look like. I would of done this but it took so long to get a tulle swatch and it was so complicated, that I gave up on trying to get the underlay swatch and decided to start fresh.

    As for shoes, I love pink ombré shoes or blush ombré shoes depending on the color of blush you’re wearing. Here’s an example:

  5. I wore a blush wedding gown in April 2013 and it was amazing. It was more pink than an oatmeal one I tried at another boutique. My husband and our son wore Grey suits and we actually didn’t have a bridal party but all our family members wore black so in pictures it looked amazing. As for shoes I wore the nude Valentino classic bow shoe. Whenever I am having trouble with a shoe I feel nude is the way to go!!

  6. I’m also wearing a blush gown to my wedding and I adore it! When trying dresses on, the (amazing) sales assistant at the bridal shop (very politely) said to me that blush dresses make my skin tone look olive, whereas bright whites can make my skin look a little yellowy, and she was right. Blush is definitely more flattering with my colouring.

    On the show front, I’m going for a soft gold sandal – I think gold works beautifully with blush.

  7. Blush gowns look lovely with gold or silver shoes. Or super-modern with lucite heels and clear vinyl straps.

    I’m going to be hand painting my satin peep-toe heels, though, in shades of blush and lilac, plus adding some crystals for sparkle!

  8. Ashley, the middle dress is a Reem Acra gown. Not sure about the other one, but this photo is from a Style Me Pretty shoot, so you should be able to find out on their website with a little digging :)

  9. Do you know who designed those shoes in the top picture! I’ve been looking for some shoes for my blush wedding gown

  10. What color Jenny Yoo dresses are these? I bought a blush BHLDN gown and they offer the Jenny Yoo Annabelle bridesmaid dress as well and I love the look of the light blue/grey! Just trying to figure out which color it is exactly. I’d really appreciate a reply, thanks so much!

  11. Yesterday I went dress shopping. I ended up with a blush dress from Demetrios. Its a very soft blush, in the shade its visible but in the sunlight you might think it’s white.. its covered with a lace band at the bottum and a belt of bling around my waist. Just 11 months and 19 days till my wedding…. aaarrgghh

  12. My wedding is in December, 52 day from now, I’ll be wearing a blush pink dress, with the bridesmaid in Dark purple & Lilac dresses. I still haven’t decided on the shoes to ware, Bright pink or nude? please assist.

    1. I’m curious how those colors look together, will you be posting pictures anywhere?

  13. I will be wearing a blush Cristiano Lucci “Lea” gown for my July garden ceremony. My BM’s will be in lavender with the groomsmen in dark grey. My fiance will wear classic black.

  14. I am wearing a blush Vera Wang for my wedding in March in FL. I found an amazing pair of heels that are silver and gold. They look amazing! I have a ivory cathedral Vail, but not sure if I will wear it. Any Vail opinions?

    1. Hi Katy,

      Just like you, I am also wearing a blush VW gown. I bought an ombre mauve blush veil to go with the dress online. It’s on it’s way, can’t wait to wear it! Have you tried looking for blush veils?

  15. I think blush is a good option for a lot of brides but you won’t truly know unless you try on different colors. Every white dress I tried on wasn’t quite perfect, but the moment I tried on a blush dress, I knew it was perfection. It made my eyes light up and my skin glow. My wedding dress will definitely be a beautiful yellow toned blush. I can’t wait for it to be done.

    1. Did you ever get an answer to who makes those blue bridesmaid dresses? Wondering for myself :) I love them!

  16. I too will be wearing a blush gown for my June wedding. Just brought home my Maggie Sottero Serencia from the 2015 collection. I absolutely adore it! It has a lot of bling so am looking for silver or gunmetal sandals with bling to compliment it:) Thinking of gray for bridesmaids and black suits for groomsmen; figuring that out this week as time is ticking.

  17. Im wearing a turquoise long dress. With white lace on top. My maid of honor n bridesmaid are wearing white. The groom and ushers n ring bearer are wearing dark suits with a turquoise bow ties. I would like your feed back on the colors of my wedding party . Ty

  18. I wore blush 23 years ago, no one was doing it then. People in the church were saying it’s pink in whispers as I walked down the aisle. Got so many compliments. Would wear it again if I was doing it today. Follow your heart wear what you feel great in.

  19. I’m getting my blush dress custom made and I can’t wait to see it finished!! I bought some great gold kitten heels to wear with it and I absolutely love how they look!

  20. my dress is a blush dress – I knew I was going to get one I was dead set on one – I wanted the Divina but it just didn’t look as good ad the Mora Lee one one me. It is fitted to the hips with a huge tulle skirt – as for bridesmaids I suck I haven’t ordered their dresses they are going to be short and full skirts most likely ivory – we all are wearing cowboy boots and wedding is on a ranch. I wanted to do lavender but my sis who is my MOH and bossy boots said no way (purple stands for my brain disease Chiari) and I have to purchase 3 dresses for our daughters 17, 13, and 11 and I can’t afford $200 dresses so I in order for me to get dresses to fit all the sizes I have to order off a Japanese site ugh. My friend got hers there and they looked great. I say any bride to be thinking about blush pink GO FOR IT – it rocks!!!

  21. Does anyone know if and where I can get the Reem Acra dress (middle of picture) in the UK. I’ve completely fallen for it but after hours of searching on-line I’m still no closer to finding it. Any help much appreciated.

  22. i wore blush pink 25 yrs ago this month . I loved it then and would wear it again .

  23. I have just ordered my blush dress from Victoria Kay. I fell in love instantly and although I have tried on other dresses in a variety of different shades of ivory and champagne, and although I liked some of them, none looked so good or made me feel so special. I am thinking about going for cream bridesmaids dresses with a sash the same colour as my dress.

    One thing I would say. Get people to take pictures and look at the after. Don’t make a decision on the spot. How you will look in the pictures is really important. Some of the dresses I really liked made me look really washed out in pictures.

  24. My wedding dress is blush, it’s actually a Watters bridesmaid gown. The style is Brescia, Now that i have decided on my gown color I decided that mint and peach will not work with my gown. I have to start looking for light grey or slate blue.

  25. My wedding is July 3, 2016. I’m wearing a very light shade of blush. I was thinking my girls can pick any black dress that they feel good in. The groomsman will also be in all black. My groom will be in black, but different bowtie and accessories. Does lavender go with blush as an accent color? Or is it all to dark for summer???? I really need some adavise. Please help me.

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Great questions! I think you may be better off with a lighter colored suit (like a dark grey) for the summer. The guys will appreciate it too- they won’t get as hot. And I would love to see the girls wearing either a dark grey dress, something like cream, or even a darker color of pink than your dress. You could definitely include lavender if you love it as well!

  26. I went dress shopping and bought a lovely blush lace Alfred angelo dress in the sale for my wedding in May at the absolute bargain price of £99. The shop assistant left it on the rail until last and was about to dismiss it. I asked to try it on and it was perfect. She actually told me that if I was to marry the next day she would send me out in it right away with no alterations. I didn’t want an expensive dress as its only to wear for the ceremony itself. I have bought some lovely rose gold sandals to wear with it.

    I have also bought a Victoria Kay red wedding dress for the wedding breakfast as my husband to be is Chinese so I will be spending most of the day in the red dress including the tea ceremony.

    So looking forward to wearing these different dresses and not the traditional white.

  27. I recently purchased my blush wedding dress from a bridal store here in Winnipeg. It’s SO gorgeous. By far the most flattering dress I tried on. The bridesmaids are wearing a dark grey as are the groomsmen. Dark Navy looked great with the dress as well! I can’t wait to wear it. I am a huge fan of something different that stands out in peoples minds!

  28. I, too am wearing a blush wedding gown! The colors for my May 2016 wedding are blush, silver, gold and wisteria. The bridesmaids are wearing gray with blingy shoes, the groomsmen and groom will wear gray suits, cognac wingtips and pink bowties. The maid of honor is wearing wisteria also with blingy shoes. Im in love with badgley mischka bridal shoes but the ones i love most, Royal are actually champagne :-(. So figuring that out still….

  29. I’m wearing a blush dress. i am having so much trouble picking colors for the party. The groom is wearing navy. The navy compliments the blush so well. At first i decided to have both groomsmen and bridesmaid grey, a medium grey. I then pictured them coming down the isle and thought it would look silly both wearing the same colors. Thought of the girls wearing navy.. guys grey with navy ties, the girls with a sash or something grey.. the groom wearing navy with blush tie… so difficult. i find pictures of blush gowns and bridesmaids online, but never the whole party together to get a visual!

    1. Melissa, I am wearing a blush gown also by Monique Lhullier. I love love love the dress but I am going crazy trying to find a color match! Our guys are in navy and no ties actually. I think I will end up going with cream Jenny Yoo dresses or a mix and match in different shades of blue. It’s so difficult!

  30. The wedding gown my daughter is looking at has a blush underlay that is very faint. What color should the bridesmaid wear?

  31. I have been to try on some bridal gowns for the first time today and to my surprise the one i liked most was a pale dusky pink with floating lace applique! I tear came to my eye but im worried that if i go with that dress i now need to rethink my whole wedding, bouquet colours, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, the lot!! Xxx

  32. I have recently found my dream dress, in blush, in a high street shop! It is absolutely beautiful. However, I had planned on my bridesmaids wearing deep purple dresses and I’m not sure this would work – in researching the dress colour, it seems like muted bridesmaid dresses work better.

  33. I will be wearing a blush/gold Vera Wang dress for my spring wedding. I love the way the blush compliments my brown skin! I found a pair of Betsey Johnson heels that matches the dress perfectly! Can’t wsit until the BIG day!

  34. Hi I am getting married in May 2017 and wearing a blush dress . Went for ivory dress and came back with blush . Getting married in Spain , bridesmaids in ivory and groom in peppermint green , all bridesmaids wearing a touch of tartan . Hope will look good .

  35. Hey does anyone know where the dress is from on the left of of the three blush wedding dresses? Ive been looking every where??

  36. I am wearing a blush dress for my wedding next year , do I team the shoes to the dress or go totally different …….who can help please x

  37. I just bought my wedding gown and chose the blush over the ivory. I was taken with the blush when I walked in the door and tried on an ivory gown and loved it too, but really couldn’t get over the blush. My mother wanted me to get the ivory and I almost did – for her – but the heart wants what it wants. So I got the blush. I later regretted it a little thinking I wasn’t going to look “like a bride” but that was just the insecure jitters cropping up. I think it’s going to be a gorgeous choice.

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