Hot Pink And Blush Wedding Ideas

1. Braedon Photography 2. Pink Sugar Crystals for rimming Cosmos $28  3. Bottega Veneta Resort 2012 4. SofaKingDrunk via WeddingPaperDivas 5. Raw Silk Pillows $48  6. J.Crew $36  7. tarte matte lip stain in lively $24  8. J.Crew $12  9. Oh Happy Day

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ashley | Reply

gorgeous! i’ve been obsessing about that botega veneta dress since the show.


Jackie | Reply

oh, i love those invitation envelopes from Oh Happy Day. much better than a plain boring white envelope in the mailbox

HiLLjO | Reply

Oh those envelopes are just RAD. See even offbeats looking for 80’s themed-wedding idea can benefit from y’alls well-rounded ideas and general awesomeness.

Ridgely's Radar | Reply

Love this too! Great nail polish color!

European Chic | Reply

Pink is delectable!

Greetings from Paris!

Andrea | Reply

I love pink, chiffon, soft petals, warm hues! Perfect.