Crepe paper flowers are simple to make, plus the patterns are endless and customizing them to your wedding is super easy. There are lots of tutorial online, but one of our favorites is the DIY on A Field Journal created for The Bride’s Cafe.

Styling by Ashley Meaders of The Flashdance

Photography by Meagan Gibson


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Chelsea @ Lovely Indeed | Reply

Love this — simple and beautiful. Did you DIY the actual cake as well? I love the proportions of the layers.

Jennifer | Reply

I love all the DIY tips for decorating your own cake, but what about making it? I love all the cakes you’ve shown and how simple they look. Can you share any tips or recipes for making the actual cakes?

Emily | Reply

I agree with Jennifer. I love baking and have my own recipes up my sleeves, but if you have any other tips or recipes for baking I’d snatch ’em up in heart beat! :)

Meg Sylvia | Reply

Very beautiful! I love the simplicity, and the paper flowers look awesome!

a thousand mason jars | Reply

love this cake. to me, less is more : )

jenna | Reply

This is just fabulous! I may just have to try these out for my wedding next year!

Tiffany | Reply

Wow I wish I could make that, it is stunning!



Natalia | Reply

Gorgeous! Can you give us information on that beautiful cakestand?

anna | Reply

this is perfect! sweet & simple & so so awesome!

Jay Rowden - Photographer | Reply

I adore the colours!!!
Absolutely divine.
I bet it tastes as good as it looks too….


Jen | Reply

Love these handmade crepe paper flowers, the color combination is just dreamy.

Yuki | Reply

This looks really nice, simple yet elegant ! From far away you can’t really tell that it’s actually made from paper. I think that this is a very good idea for those who are tight in budget and don’t want to spend much on wedding cake. Thanks for the tips!

bianca | Reply

gorgeous!!! and inspiring.

Katherine | Reply

Gorgeous! I, too, would love to know where that adorable cake stand is from! Do tell!

Melissa | Reply

Love the simplicity of this cake and the flowers are so beautiful and add a great touch of color. The flowers look real they are so well done.

Kristen @ Invitation Crush | Reply

So beautiful, and wonderful color! I had to look twice and read the post before I realized that these were paper flowers. I love how versatile a supply as simple as crepe paper can be.

The Sweets Bar | Reply

This cake is sooo cute and simple! Love it! And the DIY crepe flowers are awesome!!!!

bulk cards | Reply

designing are beautiful and cakes are so sweet

Kristina - Connecticut Wedding DJ | Reply

Those wedding cakes are really elegant and unique. I like it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.

Bart | Reply

OMG! This cake is everything! Have to show it for my fiance!