Fall Orange Peach Red Wedding Ideas

1. Photo by Mona Van Cleve 2. Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz 3. Photo by Honey & Jam 4. ABC Home Ombre Velvet Pillow

I love the idea of a colorful fall wedding that is still quite glamorous, don’t you? I think it could be done. And you could even serve some fancy version of tomato soup…maybe even go more chic and make it tomato soup shooters and some clever mini grilled cheese to go along with it…. What do you think?


Comments (6)

Josie | Reply

Love the burnt orange lips.

Marilisa | Reply

I love the idea of tomato soup shooters! You could definitly make a fall wedding glamorous. Maybe even some kind of apple cider or hot coco specialty drink.

joythigpen | Reply

oooo! yes! i love the idea of a speciality apple cider for this one! great idea!

simone leblanc | Reply

Dying of that stunning pillow!

kristen | Reply

i am in love with that lipstick shade. actually all the colors in this post are so beautiful.

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