I’ve been on the lookout recently for a unique caketopper where the main focus is something else besides a pair of animals or a bride and groom. Nothing against little people or fuzzy animal caketoppers, but I’ve received quite a few inquiries for a little variety when it comes to the caketoppers I feature. My friend, Joy, found this adorable harvest wreath and I think toned down a bit it might look perfect placed on top of simple 3-tier buttercream cake…what do you think?


Comments (4)

Cindy | Reply

I really like it and agreed if you were to tone it down a bit it would be a perfect alternative to fuzzy animals and people(although I do still love the fuzzy animals).

Jenna | Reply

I like stuff a little over the top, so I actually prefer it like it is now. You always pick the most unique stuff and that is why I keep coming back:)

Rita | Reply

I like how different it is. I haven’t seen anything like it and agree it would make a lovely cake topper.

Lucy | Reply

It is definitely not for my wedding, but I still think its very pretty and unique.

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