This board created by Snippet and Ink has been on my mind all week. Maybe its the kelly green color, but I have a feeling its the lovely bridesmaid dresses from the wedding in the middle. I feel like the wedding world has come a long way in terms of bridesmaid dresses, but one of the most popular questions still coming through my inbox is from brides looking for beautiful dress options for their ladies. Yes, we have J Crew, and it’s a wonderful resource. But, what if a girl wants a little something different? And then I saw these lovely little numbers.  Sadly, I have no clue who designed them, but I couldn’t resist sharing them here in hopes of finding out and passing the source onto others. Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll see ya back here on Monday.

***Update: Yay! We found out the designer! Her information is in the comment box below. You guys are fast!***



Photography by Red Photo Co.


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leigh | Reply

love the bridesmaids dresses — great detail! any idea where they’re from or the brand?

jackie@bridesandbabes | Reply

I love the color of green here! It is so gorgeous! …and how cute are those props?!!

Sarah | Reply


Tony Chestnut is a clothing line designed and manufactured by Jill Sawatzky in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Clothing and accessories available at F&Q boutique (albert st., winnipeg). Accessories available at Haberdashery (albert st., winnipeg).

YAY Winnipeg – Home Town Pride!!

These are from a friend’s brother’s wedding!

Sara | Reply

I don’t see the comment about who designed these dresses. I am getting married in November, and am looking for unique bridesmaid dresses. These are beautiful.

People St. Clair | Reply

Thank you, I saw this board and wished I could see more of these dresses.

Magdalena | Reply

Those dresses are really cute! As well as hair pieces!

Casey | Reply

Thanks so much for this! Any ideas about where to get the veil with the big bow? Any clues would be much appreciated!

Chelsea | Reply

Love the colors! I’m having a green and white wedding next June, and bridesmaid dresses in a crisp, refreshing color green are so hard to find… thanks for the motivation to keep looking!

Luciana | Reply

I love your job. Congratulations!
I’m brazilian, I’m from São Paulo!

I would like that you know my job too! I work with wedding, party, corporate gifts and stationary! All cute!
Look the site: http://www.idealizeconvites.com.br.


Luciana | Reply

About my comment earlier…
* Sorry, I dont speak English very well.

Typhaine | Reply

I’m a french girl, addicted to your blog! I’m getting married in a year or so, and I’m looking on the web for good ideas, because I plan to do most of things by myself. I’m also a student in interior design and your blog is a great inspiration for my works! (we don’t have so good blogs about weddings in France, or I don’t know them by now)
Anyway, I would like to customize my wedding dress, and make it look more or less like this : http://www.leshabitudes.com/images/bridal158_b.jpg
my tastes in wedding gowns are quite restricted, and I would like to know who designed this dress, but as I’m not really good in searching on the web in the english language, I can’t find it! I know we can purchase it at Les Habitudes, but since I’m in France…
Do you guys know other places or designers that create gowns in the same spirit? maybe in France, if I’m lucky?
If not I’ll try to make it by myself, but it’ll take some precious time!
Sorry for the very long message, hope my english is not too bad, and that you understood me!
Bisous à tout le monde! Vous me faites rêver!

tammy | Reply

I adore this blog – in London there are some fabulous frocks to be found but noone doing amazing mood boards like this – thank you!

I’m always searching for inspiration from you for my blog http://www.gypsyrosewrites.wordpress.com and now a green story.

maybe I cld wed and be a bride serene in green after all?


nicole b. | Reply

Typhaine, you should look here: http://www.etsy.com/ – search the clothing category for wedding dresses and choose from designers who would be willing to create a custom dress for you in that style. Most sellers on Etsy ship internationally.

Typhaine | Reply

Thanks a lot Nicole B. I’ll have a look at it!

Rachel (joliejolie) | Reply

so cute! the green is striking!

LibbyJames | Reply

ohhh..those dresses, so darn cute. they make me wanna play dress up..anyone else?

aiduke | Reply

adorable dresses! beautiful blog!

evie s. | Reply

Yeah, I love that color green. And those dresses are darling!

Wedding Chicks | Reply

beautiful color board! love the green inspiration!!

Chocolate Butterbean | Reply

Oh, I adore those bridesmaid dresses! So precious!

Sarah | Reply

Typhaine- I believe the bride’s dress is from J.Crew and it looks like they still carry it. http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WeddingParties/Wedding_Bride/gowns/PRDOVR~96063/96063.jsp

brides maid dresses | Reply

I love the color green. Its a good option to have brides maid dresses in white and green combination.

brides maid dresses | Reply

I love the green. Thanks a lot i got very good idea from these dresses.. it will help me in my up coming marriage.

brides maid dresses | Reply

I feel brides maid dresses must be given little more importance than what it generally gets. Some just go for any colors but i feel one must seriously take into consideration colors that could complement the skin tones of the wearers.

jenn | Reply

Love the juicy green

Kate | Reply

What type of material are these beautiful dresses made from? Is there a place where i could order the material from? This type of green is so hard to find!!!!

Bianca | Reply

I like the upper left corner’s wedding dress with Ribbon, can i have more pictures on that? I want to see the bottom part too.

Melanie | Reply

What is the brand of the bridesmaid dresses??

Julie | Reply

Who designed the bridesmaid dresses? I love the colour green and want to get a bridesmaid dress made in the same colour – can you help?

Leah | Reply

What colour shoes were they wearing??? Love the dresses but not sure what colour is needed to match?

Chloe | Reply

Does anyone know who designed the green dress in the middle (of the last photo)?? I LOVE it!! Would love to use it as my bridesmaid dress!

Kathy | Reply

Does anyone know who the designer is for the green bridesmaid dresses?? They are gorgeous!