Before heading out for the weekend, I couldn’t resist sharing one more video from Max and Margaux’s adorable wedding courtesy of the ridiculously talented, Sharkpig. See you Monday!

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the flashdance | Reply

i wish i could do max and margaux’s wedding every weekend.

ashley | Reply

it doesn’t get any better! brian, you’re amazing!!

Wendy | Reply

OMG, you guys rocked it! And Sharkpig! Aooo!

joy | Reply

seriously, they are the cutest couple EVER! love these!

alexia brown | Reply

So lovely! What a fun wedding!

Maya | Reply

This is amazing! The whole vibe is just the BEST!!!

joanna goddard | Reply

OH MY GOD, FLIPPING OUT AT THE AMAZINGNESS OF THIS!!!! thanks so much for sharing, emily!!!

Meredith Perdue | Reply

I could watch this video all day long. Seriously. WOW!

evie | Reply

how divine are these too!! this is the most amazingly adorable wedding / wedding video ever xx

Genevieve | Reply

Wow wow wow. That’s gotta be the BEST wedding video/compilation I’ve ever, ever seen. Really pitch perfect. New retro stylings for what looks like the funest party ever. I’m blown away by its look.

:: ::

Chloe | Reply

This is the bestest wedding video I have ever seen!! So much fun and cuteness-SharkPig, you are the most awesomest!

Annie | Reply

Everything about is great.
Lovely people, great music… everyone happy….
Just Perfect.

Beatrijs | Reply

what a great video! And great song to it: does anyone know the title?

Lucy Bloomfield | Reply

This looks like the most perfect way to spend the best, most fun day of your life with all your favourite people – may my wedding be like this one day!!! And my my love look as blissfully happy as Max.

Ash | Reply

I love love LOVE this! It felt as if I was there enjoying it all. Brilliant.

melissa | Reply

It’s “I Do” by the Marvelows. Unfortunately, not on itunes. Looks like I’ll have to buy an actual CD.

jesse | Reply

brian, dude. you blow the lid off every single time. how do you do it so good?

Shauna | Reply

unbelievable! just love.

Heidi | Reply

Amazing video. Your dress is beautiful. Where did you find it?

Katie C. | Reply

What a fabulous wedding!!! Soooo fun!! Cheers to the happy couple :)

Issy | Reply

I love this!! If anyone knows anyone in England that would do something similar let me know!

Whitney | Reply

Ah! That is SO funny! Such a happy, happy video!

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