Sorry for the light posting over the last week or so. I hopped on a plane last week to take care of some family stuff, and when you are halfway across the world + around relatives you haven’t seen in 2 years…its hard to find the time to post and answer emails:).

I probably picked one of the worst times to make the trip because of how much is going on with Once Wed, but its amazing how sometimes the only thing that can help you get out of a funk is being around the people you love. Posting will resume back to the normal schedule on Monday, and I have 3 incredible real weddings plus 2 fun projects for you next week to make up for my absence over the last week or so. Above is a sneak peek of a lovely wedding to come…

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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Brittany | Reply

What a FABULOUS dress! Looking forward to viewing the full post!!

Lisa Rae | Reply

Im sooo looking forward to next week!Have a safe trip:-)

Jocelyn Stott | Reply

I am blown away by that dress! I have never seen one like it and it is stunning!!!

Tonia | Reply

You deserve a break!!! Glad your vacation was nice! Welcome back. :)

rachael | Reply

please please please tell us where that dress is from. i want. must have. am in love.

Mary-Louise | Reply

Yes, please let us know where that dress came from (with a URL so we can go look for the collection).

Kathy | Reply

I love that bouquet. What wonderful colors.

Nancy | Reply

This is just a guess, but the dress appears to be from Lela Rose’s Fall 2008 collections. It is called Mansion. See it at http://www.lelarose.com

Lisa | Reply

That dress I believe is from Lela Rose. I love her collection

Khinna Kaminske | Reply

I truly love this website. Although, my wedding was three years ago. I love to find inspiration on this website for daily use whether its for potraits, home decor, or for a little smirk. I heart oncewed. Thank you so much!

mizzy N | Reply

that dress is so pretty and unique

Amanda Katherine | Reply

wow this dress is great