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I’ve been swooning over these charming, handmade details from a “Big Fish” inspired wedding all morning. Oh, how I wish I could make fabric look this beautiful!

[Images c/o of the incredibly talented Our Labor of Love]


Comments (9)

Sara | Reply

these details are so amazing. i love the acorns hanging from the tree and handmade bouts. i hope my images turn out this gorgeous!

Cynthia | Reply

Her bouquet is divine! This feature makes me rethink using fresh flowers.

Olivia | Reply

What brilliant ideas. I think everything looks incredible.

Denisa | Reply

I want to know how she made that bouquet!

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

This looks amazing! What was the old radio for? I LOVE old radios!!

chelsea {oh, my deer!} | Reply

why do you keep posting images that make me want to get married again? i’m not supposed to be coveting…

jesse & whitney | Reply

i love this wedding…it was so made with love!

Amanda | Reply

What an awesome theme for a wedding. That movie was so gorgeous and magical…I wish I had thought of it!

Liz | Reply

The tablecloth is so cute! Where did you get it ???


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