unique wedding hairpieces

I would like one of each, please. Colors of the rainbow hairpins from Handle & Spout via Inspired Goodness


Comments (6)

TS | Reply

I adore all the colors put together. The peach and red have to be my favorite though. I am linking over to Handle & Spout next…

LK | Reply

OhmyGoodness! I love these!! The color is wonderful and they’re just so cute!

Mary | Reply

These are adorable. I wonder how she makes them?

Pia | Reply

Lovely – really lovely!

Kim @ Inspired Goodness | Reply

Thanks for the mention Emily. I’ll have to remember how much you love when I do multi-colored things and pass them your way.

Emiley Ruth | Reply

The yellow flowers would be so perfect for my bridesmaids! My wedding is in July and they would all look so fresh and gorgeous with these in their hair.

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