Giant Tropical Leaf Pendant Light

We gave new life to the broken innards of a standard (large) white paper lantern by wiring two giant monstera leaves around the frame to make this DIY tropical leaf pendant light. Then we got even fancier and hung it from a metallic gold rope with a nice little knot. You could hang a vintage/edison light bulb if you have the electrical wiring around or it can be off the grid if you use a little battery-powered click-on LED light. This DIY tropical leaf pendant light would be a great touch to your exotic destination wedding and really unique wedding lighting to spruce your venue up. Check back with us the rest of the week for more exotic destination wedding ideas.

Photography: Ali Harper // Styling: Joy Thigpen


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Ciara | Reply

Wow! Love how you always think outside the box Joy! Any thoughts on how far in advance you would have to make it to keep it looking green?

joy thigpen | Reply

Thanks, Ciara! I think a day ahead is about as far ahead as I’d go (and that’s if you kept them in the air conditioning). They may be able to last longer but I’d be nervous about them starting to get a bit wilted looking rather than lush. Have fun!!

joy thigpen | Reply

oh! and I meant to say….I bet you could also use an old lamp shade frame as a base, too, or just create your own out of a heavy-gage wire.

Ciara | Reply

Thanks Joy, Will definitely have to try give it a go!

Bradley Elliot | Reply

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