Forage Bow Ties

Every once a while I stumble upon something in my reader which I get really excited about and can’t resist sharing here with everyone here on Once Wed. When I spotted the new “Forage” line of bow ties from Something’s Hiding in Here it was definitely one of those moments. Shauna and Stephen(the incredible duo behind the infamous “mustache on a stick”) spent months looking for the perfect fabric to create this new line with and I think they did a fabulous job of picking such a fun array of colors and patterns. Forage is coming to The Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco at the end of July and I cannot wait to see the display they come up with for the launch of these lovelies!

Wedding Bowties

Orange Bowtie

Unique Wedding Bowties

Shauna and Stephen we’re also super generous to give away one of their bow ties to one lucky reader on Once Wed. To win the stripe bow tie you see above, leave a comment below and we’ll pick the winner on Friday. To keep up to date with what is going on with Something’s Hiding in Here and Forage, check out their blog!

UPDATE: Congrats, Bethany Poller! Something’s Hiding in Here will be contacting you shortly.

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Comments (242)

andy | Reply

These bow ties are amazing! So much attention to detail. Great work.

Patricia | Reply

So perfect! My fiance Justin and I are on the lookout for a perfect bow-tie for the wedding, *crosses fingers* lets hope we’re lucky! We need such a lovely finishing touch

Ella | Reply

my man rocks the bow ties! I’ll definitely have to check out the line when it launches!

jenny | Reply

These are absolutely beautiful…..I love them!!!

laura | Reply

Oh, how dreamy are those!! I’ve put them on my Pinterest board, too.

Nadia | Reply

It would be so nice if I could offer one of these ties to my boyfriend! This year we celebrate 10 years “being together”. He could wear it at the party!

Jesse | Reply

Every man should own a bow-tie atleast once in his life! The texture and colors of these are amazing, and I would love for my husband to wear one of these everyday!

Stephanie | Reply

I LOVE the summery palette of these. Beautiful!

Rachel | Reply

100% WIN! Walter, the boy, pulls off bow ties like no other. He’d love these :)

casey | Reply

i would love to win!! looks great!! thank you for the giveaway!

mara | Reply

i’m such a fan of shauna & stephen’s work! these would be perfect for my man and the palm springs wedding we’re attending!

Erin | Reply

Classic. My pops falls hard for bow ties. I’d love to gift him one for my wedding!

Parks | Reply

So classic and lovely!

christine | Reply

So perfect for my fiance’s tan suit for our November beach wedding. plus, mix and match for all his men and my brothers and dad.

Jessica Bright | Reply

These ties are so quirky, I love it! The Future Husband and I have been searching for the perfect bow tie for him to wear, needless to say, I think we’ve found it!

Amanda | Reply

Bow ties! Love it! And the cards are perfectly adorable – I want to frame one for my living room! But I also want to enter the giveaway :) I have been trying to find the perfect fabric bow tie for my hubby-to-be to wear on our wedding day and I feel that this assortment is everything I ever hoped and dreamed of to circle his lovable neck :)

Lindsey | Reply

My fiance is still trying to decide on bow tie vs straight tie. I prefer bow ties, and giving him one before he makes the big decision might help sway him in my direction! Oh, and our colors are orange and blue, such a great match for the beautiful pallette in the Forage collection.

Liz | Reply

love it. my fiance wears em with style.

Brittany | Reply

My tall drink of water (6’7″!) looks smashing in a bow tie. We’ve been searching for the perfect one for our August 28 country church wedding/barn dance. These are fantastic!

kelley | Reply

been swooning over these since they posted them on their blog. my fella has been hunting for the perfect bow tie for our wedding and i cant picture anything better.

becky | Reply

thank you for the chance! would complete our lakehouse wedding…

Kelli | Reply

I have been looking for a bow tie for my 4 year old nephew to wear! he is the ring bearer. This would be perfect!!!!

Sarah | Reply

This would be perfect for a vintage wedding! Our colors are yellow and gray. I absolutely love the fabric.

Amy Johnson | Reply

I love these! I am already way past my teeny tiny budget so it would be so great to be able to get something so pretty and awesome as a prize! His last name also starts with an F, so that would be an extra treat to give him a bow tie with this initial in it ;)

Christina | Reply

I love bow ties! They are so fantastic!

Casey | Reply


Meganly | Reply

how perfect! we are looking for the finishing touches for his outfit (he’s wearing suspenders and a driver’s cap!) and i can’t think of anything more appropriate. these are fantastic!

Jenny N. | Reply

Wow! This is great! I love SHIH and bought their mustaches on a stick for my NYE party photo booth and it was a HUGE hit!

Jassie | Reply

These are soooooooo cute!

Caitlin Grant | Reply

I would love to win the bow tie! The colours of the fabrics are just perfect. It’s the whole look I am going for with my wedding. Just beautiful.

lucy | Reply

so so beautiful!!!

Emery | Reply

one of these would look perfect with my fiance’s outfit. we have been looking everywhere for the perfect bow tie, are these available for purchase or special order yet?

Jacqui-Bay | Reply

Golly, do I love these?! They are such talents. I tried not to stalk them at Crafty Bastards last year… fail.

Gots my fingers AND toes crossed!

celine | Reply

oh man! I love bowties! I think girls should wear them too.
these textiles are AMAZING

Jennifer | Reply

These bowties are perfection! I love how much thought and research they put into choosing the perfect pattern, and based on Charles Eames! Love, love.

Kate | Reply


Kristi Anne | Reply

I love those bowties!!…SO cute!

geneoh | Reply

Seriously, this makes me want to wear a bow tie to a wedding im shooting.

Amanda | Reply

LOVE these! I would be so happy to see my fiance in a sweet bow tie like these at our wedding!

Yvonne Kalawur | Reply

My husband is obsessed with bow ties. Would love to get him one!

Jenn Barmmer | Reply

I love these! My honey looks super cute in bow ties thanks to the preppy prepster he is :)

Laura Plouzek | Reply

I love everything that Shauna and Stephen do- they have the sweetest style and I was so excited to see bow ties being made- yay!

Kate M. | Reply

I’ve been searching for a couple of months for the perfect bow tie for my cardigan-wearing, old soul of a husband, and these are exactly what I’ve been looking for! The fabrics are so beautiful and bright, with a sweet vintage touch. Giveaway or not, I am so glad you posted these, thanks! :)

Allison | Reply

What a fantastic detail! I love the vintage liberty flowered fabric and the classic fun stripes! I actually have a necklace made from similar liberty flowered fabric bought from Mavis and Frank on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/MavisandFrank). Lovely.

Rachael from Nearlyweds | Reply

Those bow ties are insanely amazing! If I know a bow tie will be involved in a wedding I know it will be 100% amazing!

katie | Reply

I LOVE the gingham ones! So preppy and handsome!

Elizabeth L | Reply

Absolutely lovely!

Jenna | Reply

Love these! We’re doing yellow for our wedding and I absolutely LOVE the yellow ones!

Jenna | Reply

love love LOVE these!!

Olivia | Reply

Ohh, these are so beautiful. A great palette for summer. I’ve been wanting to try wearing a bow tie lately, and these’d be a great way to start.

Elizabeth | Reply

The bow ties are great! Any word if they’ll add neck ties to their offerings?

Chris | Reply

Love them!

Bethany | Reply

Yes please!

Nicole & Victor | Reply

My fiance has his heart set on wearing a bow-tie, these are PERFECT!!!!

Rachael | Reply

This may sound crazy but my dog oliver could really rock one of these out during our ceremony. We have been searching for the perfect bow tie for my black and white mutt. I think I found it.

Melissa | Reply

These are AMAZING! I have been following them on their flickr site. Would love to win one for my man.

Cheryl O'Pry | Reply

Is it wierd that I’m just crazy about the “F” tag? The ties are so cute but I just love the addition of that tag! :)

Lisa | Reply

Oh! These are awesome! My fiance has his heart set on a bow tie.

Dani and Thomas :) | Reply

Absolutely stunning :)

Jennifer | Reply

Love Love bowties! And that is the perfect University of Tennessee orange and white!

genevieve | Reply

i’m getting married in september and i’d love for my husband to be to sport one of these beautiful ties!

Molly | Reply

I love me a good bow-tie to complement an even cuter man! I can just picture a little barber-shop quartet sporting the striped one, so cute!

@laura_luna | Reply

OMG these are sooo cute!

Kate B | Reply

These are charming! My husband went to Illinois, so he’d probably love an orange bow-tie. If I could convince him to wear it! (I’m sure he’ll be swayed by the cuteness!)

Amber | Reply

these are great. my fiance is planning on wearing a bow tie for our wedding in october and has been looking for the perfect one. these are great and our colors are turqiouse and red!

Joanne | Reply

My fiancee said that he would not wear bow ties but I adore them. I might change his mind if I give him this adorable bow tie. What a sweet giveaway! Thanks!

elizabeth | Reply

yes please!!!!

Heather | Reply

I LOVE these. My man loves bowties and this is a gorgeous tie.

Nora | Reply

perfection! I love anything those two create!

Eric | Reply

These are exactly what I have been looking for. My 1920’s wedding is in September and I have been bummed on the bow ties out there. I have a brown pinstripe suite that needs some flavor, thanks for the proper ingredients.

Kathryn | Reply

Cute overload. I sent the link to the bf with note “this is how i always dreamed you would look.”

Gigi | Reply

love this!

Cydney Caswell | Reply

cuuuuute. i’ve been foraging for something like this for too long!

Ann | Reply

Delightful! Hope I win!

PandaBeard | Reply

sweet! i love me some bow tie.

Elizabeth | Reply

I LOVE these bow ties!

Lena | Reply

I love the packaging! These ties are fabulous!

brandi | Reply

my fiance would LOVE this bow tie

Christy | Reply

Bow ties remind me of Dr. Who!

Emily | Reply

Their bowties are so sweet! I’d love to win the orange one for my groom (we’re getting married in just over a month!) He’s an orange-loving guy (and nicknamed “Moxie” after Maine’s delicious orange-packaged soda), and was planning on wearing a regular-type orange tie. I’d love if he could wear this!

Jessie | Reply

Eeeeee!! These are divine.. creative but insatiably elegant. Yes please!

Katie Jo | Reply

My new hubby would look H.O.T in one… so cute. um I mean– handsome.

Jess | Reply

These are sooo cute I love them.

laura | Reply

I just love finding original bow ties – so happy to have found these beauties!

Stephanie C | Reply

Suuuper cute. I love their festive-ness.

Kaori | Reply

My fiance has been looking for a perfect bow tie!!! I think he can be the best model for it ;)

Anne | Reply

What fabulous fabrics they have chosen! My husband is a bowtie man, and I know he would love to sport a Forage bowtie!

Sarah | Reply

Love these so much!

katherine | Reply

ohmygosh I LOVE THOS bahhh he wants a bow tie so bad and i’ve been so reluctant because i hadn’t found a good yellow or green one…

April | Reply

soo fun! Something is Hiding in Here is at it again! fabulous!

Jenna {Jenna Sais Quois} | Reply

These are AMAZING. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing these. They are so summery and charming. Fantastic fabrics. I am in love!

Steven | Reply

My fiance loves this website and today, I just so happened to check it out myself. We are getting married in October and we have been searching for the perfect tie for myself, as well as, my four groomsmen. She has been at work all day today and I would love to be able to surprise her with this.

grace | Reply

this would look so cute on my french bulldog!

Melissa West | Reply

Southern charm at it’s best! My NC man will don a bow tie in a heartbeat:)

Jessica | Reply

We didn’t want our ushers to have to rent or buy anything special to wear for our wedding so we’re giving them suspenders and bow ties to wear to help them stand out :)

denise | Reply

everything those two do is amazing! who wouldn’t want one of these bowties?!

Nancy | Reply

would love to win one of these bowties. they are fantastic

Lili | Reply

I saw a photo of these on a blog earlier this week, and I am excited to find their source! Would love one of these ties!

Natalie | Reply

Love these!

chad k | Reply

yes please.

Liz R. | Reply

Those are so beautiful and eclectic. Amazing colors!

Jessica | Reply

My Fiancee LOVES bowties and he looks adorable in them. He would love this bowtie! Thanks for the info, we’ll have to check out Forage for the groomsmen. Great giveaway!

Alison Rebecca Davis | Reply

Hooray for bowties!

Leanne | Reply

I love bowties!

Stephanie | Reply

Absolutely charming! I wish we had done bowties at my wedding.

Genevieve | Reply

love love love bowties!

stephanie alaine | Reply

beards & bow ties are my favorite combo! thanks for sharing this sweet find.

anjali | Reply

Gimme gimme! Awesome idea.

Kristine | Reply

These would make any guys outfit POP!

Colleen | Reply

Gorgeous fabrics + Awesome colors = MUST HAVE!

Kate | Reply

Lovely. Wonderful fabric.

Reidunn | Reply

Beautiful colors and patterns! Bowties are soo cool

Kate A | Reply

Most AMAZING bow ties.. would love for one for my husband to be!

Quynh | Reply

These ties are really cute! So fun and quirky!!

Pam Schultz | Reply

I love the fabric. It takes something very formal and takes it down just one notch. This would look perfect with my 5 year old nephew who is our ring bear.

Trish | Reply

Love them! And, so would my boyfriend. ;)

Kelly | Reply

love them. so charming and festive.

Fanny | Reply

Awesome bow ties!!! =D Super cute!

Kristi | Reply

I would sooooo love to win one! We are having a 1920’s themed party July 23 to celebrate the end of our 20’s (we’re turning 29) and this would be perfect for my husband!

jonahliza | Reply

oh my gosh- i love somethings hiding in here. the new forage bowties are so sweeeeeet! hope i win. ehehe.

Liz | Reply

I love these!!! Hubby-to-be does to!

Travis | Reply

Move over people… I need this bow tie to wear every day for the rest of my life. @(‘,’@)

Kelly | Reply

I love them and now I am inspired to try to make some myself!

sam | Reply

Is it wrong to want to win this for my wedding photographer boyfriend? haha
It somehow seems appropriate

Taylor | Reply

Vintage and classic = love.

Amy | Reply

I would love one!

Lisa | Reply

Looking for a bow tie right now for our wedding celebration, and these fit the bill!

Sarah | Reply

What fun colors!

Jose Bustos | Reply

Oh soo cute…I can feel my neck tingle with excitement.

Rose | Reply

Is there anything cooler than a summer bowtie???
Awesome project!!!!

Britt | Reply

These are amazing. I’m planning a Great Gatsby themed party for my partner’s 29th birthday and that teal seersucker bow tie would be the perfect little touch! Great work!

Jamie | Reply

I A.D.O.R.E Shauna & Stephen’s whole entire life! These bow ties are so stinkin sweet, it makes me wonder how ladies could work them into our wardrobes!

Tiffany | Reply

Oh! Would love one of these for our engagement shoot!


My husband is always looking for new ties to wear during out wedding shoots…

Caroline C | Reply

oh my goodness… I just audibly gasped out loud. these are perfect.

Anna Both | Reply

so much personality in each of these!

Erin B. | Reply

Bravo, Shauna + Stephen! My fiance would totally rock one of these at our summer wedding next year!

Derek | Reply

Starting to wear a bow tie was hands down the best sartorial decision I have ever made. As a young educator, I look to the likes of Nye, Schlesinger and Boorstin for inspiration. Nuff’ said!

Sarah A. | Reply

Oh my husband would look so adorable in one of these ties!

Hannah L. | Reply

so incredibly darling. I want one

Fianna A. | Reply

Quirky and adorable! The new Doctor Who would be so envious of my sweetie in these!

Erica H. | Reply

Wheee, what fun bowties…exactly what I’m after for my future-husband for our Sept wedding. Nicely done Forage!

Sarah S | Reply

What an adorable collection of patterns (amongst so many other wonderful things on Once Wed)! I can’t wait to start shopping!

Annie | Reply

I endured countless lectures on “Louie I Kahn” and “Corbu” in college and could never enter a drawing for a tie inspired by either…thankfully these ties also feature Eames, who is much more my modern style. My groom will surely not like them, but my brother would LOVE one for the groom’s party. Thanks for the tip!

Lindsey | Reply

I love all the pretty, pretty patterns!

Eva | Reply

ooohlala! the perfect gift for my dad’s august birthday!

samantha | Reply

i’ve been floored by these ever since they showed up in s&s’s flickr stream. would love to win one for my boyfriend!

Jennifer | Reply

Wow, these are really great. And I love the comment above that these should be for girls too!

TheresaA | Reply

I am going to be making bowties just like these for my wedding next May! Got any in turquoise and chartreuse Green??

Allison | Reply

I am in LOVE. They’re adorable!

Chrissy Poitras | Reply

These bow ties are too sweet! Would love to give one as a present to my loving boyfriend and business partner!

Jeremy W. | Reply

ooh these are outstanding; hope I win!

Abigail Allwein | Reply

SO….. I”m an actor, and for one of my favorite shows that I’ve performed in, I had to learn how to tie a bow tie on a man in the show with me while I was singing a pretty difficult song. :) It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I was SO proud of myself.

It is my dream to be able to tie my man’s bow tie for him on the day of the wedding. Silly I know, but it would be such a dear moment.

Cheers to all those ladies who love their men in bow ties!

jeff | Reply

ahh! i love these. & i just lost my paisley clip-on.
it’s time to grow up & move on to the real deal!

Malori | Reply

I want one of these more than I want to breathe. These are FABULOUS!

Jen | Reply

I love love LOVE theses bowties….and I have the perfect boy to give one to!

Jen Wood | Reply

I have so much love for everything that Something’s Hiding in Here creates and these bow ties are no exception! I also love my fiance, and would be thrilled to gift him with one! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win. :)

Courtney M. | Reply

I stinkin love bowties… for my boyfriend that is! I am originally from outside of San Francisco, but now live 2000+ miles away from my family in Birmingham, ALABAMA where I am going to college!~ Would love this wonderful bowtie for my wonderful boyfriend… he needs the practice with them! He had to go “tie-less” to the last wedding we attended b/c he couldnt tie it quite right. :( He would rock it like none other!

Amy Vassar | Reply

Oh I wish I could win my hubby one, he is such a good daddy and he wants a bow tie so badly. those are so cute, we live in SF, I will have to go to the The Curiosity Shoppe and get him one if we don’t come up the big winners : )

Maria | Reply

oh I’d love to give this is to my guy! I know he’s loooove it!!

danielle | Reply

oooh! would love to see my fiancé in one of these.

Carleigh | Reply

OH! So precious!! I love these ties!

Molly Siegler | Reply

oooo! i would love one of these for my husband!

Allison | Reply

these are adorables!

Gini | Reply

perfect to go with my fiance’s wedding suit – and after getting into this season of dr who, he at last thinks “bow ties are cool”!

Tiffany | Reply

Oh I would LOVE to win one! I was just admiring these in their flickr album the other night. Being that my husband and I have 3 sons, I can’t think of something more fitting to have in our home than a bow tie!

sparkiy | Reply

I wore a bow tie to my graduation exhibition. it was awesome. I’d like another one so I can be more awesome.

tiffany | Reply

I can’t decide what I like more- the packaging or the bow ties! Both are absolutely lovely. :)

Louise F. | Reply

OH my gosh, my fiance has been looking for a good bow tie and that one is just perfect!!!

Gina | Reply

super cute!

joi | Reply

how absolutely lovely would my boy look sporting one of these handsome creations!

laura | Reply

so cute! would be perfect for the boyfriend!

ellen | Reply

i really love bow ties. they have such a lovely feel… i’ve been looking for one for my fiance, and one of these would be perfect!

la_sale_bete | Reply

These are awesome!
I’m not sure how to tie a bow tie, but I hope I win!

Steph | Reply

I’ve been following SHIH for awhile. So happy to see them on one of my favorite blogs!

Id love to get my fiance the perfect handmade tie for the our summer wedding next year, but they are so darn expensive! Winning one would make the day!

Katie Crum | Reply

Wonderful! Finally an updated bow tie! My husband is holding his breath in hopes of getting one.

Liz | Reply

SOOO cute. I really want my little ring bearers to wear a bow tie :)

Becky | Reply

Just lovely. Pick me, pick me!

miss mouse | Reply

Lovely bowties! And I know just the person to give one to!

Elyse | Reply

Adorable and so timeless

kenny c | Reply

yes! these are awesome.

Janice Carnevale | Reply

I adore these bow ties. I am obsessed with buying bow ties right now and any of these would fit right in with my growing collection!

Scottye | Reply

So cute. I love all the fabrics.

Tyler Marcum | Reply

Garaunteed to rock that bowtie;)

London Schade | Reply

These are amazingly cool and super perfect for my husband.

Carmen | Reply

The colour palette is perfect – it’s sweet but modern too!

Rebecca Hansen | Reply

Chad would look sooo good in that bow tie. True story.

gaia • Illustration | Reply

Oh wow. definitely bookmarking for our wedding. I’m also blown away by their promo cards!!

Carley | Reply

love this. pick us! pick us!

Julz | Reply

OHHHH! I want one! Perfect for my bow-tie wearing soon-to-be-brother-in-laws!

Sherry | Reply

I love these! I have been wanting to get my husband a vintage bow tie for a photo shoot we’re planning on doing before the summer is over…I hope I win!!!

Alana | Reply

I need to see my boyfriend in one of these!

Catherine | Reply

These are great. Might have to buy one if i don’t win.

Hayden | Reply

These are so awesome – Something’s Hiding in Here are some of my faves!

Khali | Reply

I am totally in love with s&s. sometimes I put undue pressure on my fiance to make us more like them. to us s&s are our Charles and Ray. I would love a bow tie. It would be perfect timing for our wedding in oct. fingers are crossed tightly.

Steph | Reply

I am just smitten with Somethings Hiding Here designs. This dynamic duo of design continues to amaze me with their creations. I love the new tiny bow-tie cards. Very clever and adorable.

Kristen | Reply

These are beautiful! The color patern is fantastic and the ties are little bit different in size! Love them!

Kendra | Reply

How Fabulous! I can’t wait for these puppies to come out to full force. I just found my groomsmen bow ties!

Christen Peters | Reply

These are gorgeous! At work, we have “bow tie” day…these are perfect :)

Nate Henderson | Reply

Pretty awesome. Can I have one?

Lauren | Reply

These bow ties are be you ti full!!!

LeighAnn | Reply

My favorite cousin has a bow tie obsession. If I win, he will be so tickled!

Bunny | Reply

thought i’d say: there is something romantic in tie gifting. we present our dads with ties growing up and i think the general consensus is they are somehow a boring convention, easy & one-size-fits all. but it really isn’t so. the tie is an emblem! masculinity. refinement! the man to whom you give a tie is a man of whom you are endlessly proud. we waive our kerchief in the wind, they march off wearing our colors, dangling diamond knotted at the adam’s apple, neat bow corralling the collar. when it’s the boy you love, it’s added sweet to think it ribbons off the day’s business, later loosened to a swim trunk summer. these candy stripes hearken to the sunbleached chaise lounge, to the little surfer girl. i have just the fellow.

Heidi | Reply

These are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for for my man to wear on our day! Thank you!

Erika | Reply

So fresh and colorful! I’d love to see my fella in those stripes.

Heather | Reply

So summery and cute! Would love to see the boy in one of these!

susan hwang | Reply

adorable! thanks so much for the giveaway.. i just love the colors

Sarah | Reply

these are amazing! i would love one for THE boy <3

Paul | Reply

These are awesome :) Definitely getting one

Meredith W. | Reply

These are awesome! One of my besties is a tie guy, and I’m still on the hunt for the perfect “You almost won a Tony Award!” present!

Nicole | Reply

I would learn how to tie a bow tie if I win one!

Cordelia | Reply

I want to see my man in that bow tie!

Allison B. | Reply

I love these + would love to see my fiance sporting one!

bethany | Reply

bow ties rock and are awesome.

both the fiance and I think so.

and btw, he would do that bowtie proud.
he can totally rock a flat cap, and you know what goes really really well with a flat cap?

a kick-ass bowtie.

lizz | Reply

i know someone whod look too cutein this!

ella | Reply

love these!

Katie | Reply

Oh I love these bow ties, so cute!

Brooke | Reply

I JUST bought a pair of slouchy khaki pants and am pretty sure that the orangey-red striped bow tie would pretty much make the outfit, and thus my life (oh, I kid, I kid) complete. ;)

Georgina Oram | Reply

These bow ties are perfect! My best guy friend collects so many different special bow ties that it would be so wonderful if I could get him one. I’m from Berkeley, but am spending my summer at school (Elon University in North Carolina), so I won’t be able to make it to the show in SF. Have a great time though. I love Once Wed!!!

Samantha | Reply

Shauna and Stephen never cease to amaze me! I love them they are gorgeous!!

Daniel | Reply

Oh my God… I love these. So cool I have to buy a couple.

Heidi L. | Reply

i want to curl up and sleep on a bed made of these bowties.

margie | Reply

i especially love the liberty tana lawn ones

jinnie | Reply

Ooh! How lovely all the colors are! I’m so going to check them out at Curiosity Shoppe.

Amelia | Reply

These are great!! Love them!!

Alaina | Reply

Ah! So perfect. I love bowties with my uniform.

christina furr | Reply

Just in case there’s still time. i love these, they are amazing.

Jen | Reply

Ohhh…I hope this line launches before our wedding in October!!!

Michelle Strange | Reply

I would love to win this bowtie for my Fiance!! I was recently engaged and he loves his bowties…would be a great gift :)

Can’t wait to see more of this bowtie line!

American fitness guru Billy Blanks | Reply

The floral pattern in teal is gorgeous and should match my unitard perfectly. Tae Bo in bow tie?…pure class. Double time!

Jun-Jun | Reply

Those have got to be the most adorable bow-ties I have ever seen in my entire life. I simply have to have these in my wedding. Thank you so much for sharing!

James | Reply

I would love one of those bow ties! my wife thinks they are the best!

Jim Wojo | Reply

What a FINE masterpiece. This how we change the world — one bow tie at a time. “Truth – beauty – kindness, we can never get enough of. The Forage bow ties are the beauty part and the best I have experienced yet.
I received one from my daughter for a present. It feels good tying, it lays just here you put it and it says HELLO – talk to me all while smiling at the recipient. How can you resist conversation?
I wear eleven other bow ties; none compare to the Forage tie. Life is good. Thank you Shauna and Stephen.

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