Ashley over at Decor Amor was kind enough to put together a few beautiful inspiration boards for Once Wed. She creates such gorgeous collages, so when she agreed to create a few for the site I was thrilled. The board above appropriately titled “Foggy Mornings” is absolutely lovely. I adore the bits of old antique lace, dark browns, and antique whites. As much as I love a colorful wedding, this board is a wonderful reminder of how darker colors are just as beautiful especially mixed with a warmer color like peach. It reminds me of this incredible sunrise wedding shot by Tec Petaja below….

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[Board images: 1. Lenaah 2. Jackpot Clothing 3. Leah Gold 4. Feels like you should 5. Poppalina /Weddings Images: Tec Petaja]


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Meghan | Reply

I love how dark this board. Mysterious and gloomy. It’s so lovely!

lmariea | Reply

That sunrise wedding is so lovely. Unfortunately, I think my fiance would laugh in my face if I made such a suggestion to him. He’s totally NOT a morning person.

Beth | Reply

I never even considered a sunrise wedding until I saw this post. I might be changing our plans again after this. Seriously.

Michelle | Reply

Gorgeous wedding and board!

Alana | Reply

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G is all I got to say.

joy thigpen | Reply

hey! that’s me holding the lantern! ha! it really was such a lovely wedding. the fog added so much. if only we could order fog on demand….i’d request it often!

Yellowgoat | Reply

They get such nice shot out of fog. so lovely. It’s an inspiration to make the best out of the weather.

Julie | Reply

oh my gosh, that dress in #1 on the board is FANTASTIC. i’d love to see the front. apparently it’s by "bijoux" but was unable to find anything about this designer online?!

lene | Reply

ohh my good, this is so beautiful. I really love the foggy photos. And the dress 1) is is great. What kind of dress is it? Where can you find somethiing like that?

Lene | Reply

i reallu cant find out anything about this fantastisc dress . ( pic nr 1). can someone help me? ( leneling@hotmail.com)