This shoot was totally the kind of experience that made us want to pinch ourselves. It was a really spontaneous event where everything came together so beautifully we could hardly stand it. We really can’t believe how lucky we are to get to work with such talented people. We’ve been dying to share these images from Jose Villa!

We knew we wanted to shoot outside–despite the winter weather–and keep things very natural and soft and feminine. And we wanted to explore some ways to use flowers in a bridal look. Here you’ll find some very attainable ideas and alternatives to wearing a veil. Not that we have anything against veils, we just thought flowers might be nice, too! If this is something you’d like to try, all you have to do is keep your hair and make up very natural and soft and look for delicate blooms to grace your hair. We think you’ll look divine!

jose shoot1

Photography by Jose Villa

So many more beautiful images and details coming up next!


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Emma | Reply

The models look beautiful, but I think that I would feel super goofy wearing something like that on my head.

Tessa | Reply

Wow! I love this. I’m so tired of birdcage veils. It is so refreshing to see something different.

Becky Hill | Reply

Beautiful work as always!

Jeremy Harwell | Reply

Emily, Awesome post!!
The images are so beautiful! Jose and Joy are simply the best!!

Nicki | Reply

the pink wreath is gorgeous. what a pretty idea!

margaux | Reply

gorge! can you PLEASE tell me who designed the dresses and where the shoes came from?

Jillian | Reply

So beautiful…Emily you look lovely in the photos ; ) Looking forward to seeing more…

elle d | Reply

gorge!! wow. so stunning! the huge, white/pale blooms, especially. woww

ben + laura harrison | Reply

holy molee … these are GORGEOUS! bravo jose! and bravo joy! and bravo emily!

s h e r r y | Reply

Love these. Jose never fails to impress!! <3

leah case | Reply

love this!! so beautiful!

YAZYJO | Reply

Really nice. Very classy.
– John

emily | Reply

lovin’ the floral wreath look but i want to hear more about those shoes! are they heals? who’s design?

emily | Reply

hey ladies!

joy actually found the oxford shoes in a vintage store here in georgia. i would check ebay or etsy. ive seen a lot of vintage oxfords floating around recently.



Amma Aja | Reply

Simply gorgeous. Lovely shots :)

lydia | Reply

what lovely images as usual from jose villa! but those flower blooms are simply gorgeous!

mary crow | Reply

These are lovely! The location looks like Carnton Plantation.

logan | Reply

I thought that was you in those photos! You look absolutely amazing Emily!!! Beautiful pictures!

Elizabeth | Reply

Absolutely gorgeous… I’ve been wanting to see more brides with flower wreaths, and these are just so so stunning!

Megan | Reply

Beautiful and ethereal!

margaux | Reply

any idea about the dresses? whose design?

Jen | Reply

Emily you look so pretty and the shots by Jose are awesome! Love the flowers and dress…

joel serrato films | Reply

LOVE THESE! You can’t even tell it was SO cold that day, so much fun ;)

Jen | Reply

I am very interested in the dress with the bow on it. Do you know who the designer is?

emily | Reply

all the dresses are from vera wang but can be purchased at b. hughes bridal salon in nashville. the ladies who run the salon are AMAZING to work with.



Lanie | Reply

The cold provided the perfect rosy glow!

Kristin | Reply

Okay, this is being filed under ‘Most Amazing Photo Shoot Ever’… I love it!

Sarah | Reply

GORGEOUS!!! These flowers are just beautiful, so whimsical & chic. I just love it!

Alison | Reply

Is there any way we can have a closer look at how the white large flower band is made? I’m keen to have something like this for my wedding day. Stunning!!

alyson | Reply

oh my goodness… these are stunning.

Kelli | Reply

Wow, I am inspired! This is exactly what I want.

Elizabeth Hudgins | Reply

I am curious about the shoes. Do you know where they came from? Ive been dying for a pair just like that! They are so precious!! LOOOOOOVE the shoot!

emily | Reply

Hey Elizabeth

The shoes were actually purchased for $40 from a vintage shop here in Georgia. I would check ebay or etsy for a similar style. Ive especially been seeing a lot oxfords on etsy lately. Hope this helps!



Patty grubbs | Reply

In 1978 I wore a wreath of minature yellow roses, daisies and baby’s breath in my hair instead of a veil. I loved the look. Right before my dad walked me down the aisle, he said, “You look really nice honey, but what is that thing on your head?” I still laugh to this day!

Fotograf Asmussen | Reply

WOW!! I love these pictures! Especially the faded colours! What did the photographer do to achieve this?