What a great idea from Yujai! Take plain ol’ wood numbers, spruce them up with a little color, and now you have a set of beautiful table numbers at an affordable price. I really love that yellow. It complements her DIY moss centerpieces perfectly…

Update: Yuji is actually selling the centerpieces above. To find out more:


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megan | Reply

this is so adorable!

Tia | Reply

I am totally copying this idea. The yellow really makes it pop!

Denisa | Reply

LOVE this idea!!

Mo | Reply

Wow! This looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing. =)

Laurenrach | Reply

I am going out and getting wood numbers and/or letter today just so that I too can have such sweet table settings! Awesome idea!

Yujai | Reply

I am selling these centerpieces and other wedding items!!
Check this out::

Laura E @ Southern Weddings | Reply

This is a great idea and I am so going to do this. Thanks for sharing.

maria @ {ritzy bee} | Reply

Lovely…this is so great!!